My bag of gripes vol. 3 (or so)

100% no one reads this (looking @ you, flare) but here’s more things that need improving, often without much effort. I’m probably repeating myself at this point but since no one’s listening…

  • “cannot raid because player is online”. You know what would be better? A notification of this BEFORE I try raiding a player. Having spent a considerable amount of time searching for a player to raid (via ineffective search, my pet peeve as it turns out), having this pop up is annoying. Instead either have this marked somehow in the player list, like online light in chat, or grey out the attack button (if (!online) player.canraid=true. Not hard to do, is it?), just add something to let me know looking into this player is a waste of time and I should move on.

  • get rid of skulls in cof. It’s annoying to have your score be dependant on the sucky randomness of cof, that’s why there are no coins in ninja cofs anymore. Instead, have all war raids add up to a total score, that’s a more fair system and it will make people do all raids instead of the obligatory 3.

  • windows phone issue: make the game exit properly, like a normal app. Tapping “back” on main screen leaves the game but it’s left running in the background and only way to properly exit it is to kill the process. In most cases also, when you try to go back to the game (wether by switching away earlier or “quitting” it) it’ll crash. It’ll also crash when you switch away from it, like with a “go to event” button that opens the forum. That’s not a way to close an app, flare. Though this particular issue varies between updates.

  • add a timer and proper description window for events (blacksmith, alliance party etc). I shouldn’t need to resort to facebook/forum to know there’s an event and what it’s about, the game should give me all the info I need, along with timers and indicators to what building is affected or whatever.

  • at least add an option to stop taking snapshots of my king whenever I change anything in my gear. I don’t need this, I’m not and won’t be sharing this, it’s using up my storage completely unnecessarily. And it wastes time.

  • put buttons further apart. This applies to gear slots (A,B,C,D) and next/previous buttons in war raid screen. Everytime I need to tap any of those I dread my phone will miscalculate and I’ll end up creating a new gear setup or raid a player I wanted to skip. This may be no issue to pc or tablet players but it would make playing on phone much more comfortable when you don’t have to worry as much about misclicks.

  • why can’t you close the war screen once you get into fiefdom details? There’s an x to close the war map but once you go deeper there’s only the back button. I shouldn’t need to go back 2+ screens in order to close a window, don’t you think?

  • replace Granny with Santa for winter? You know, he could actually give players random gifts and be actually useful, unlike some fossils. Or at least be a change of scenery. By the time Santa goes away you could prepare Granny’s replacement (there were suggestions of Granny’s hot granddaughter. I can elaborate on this if necessary).

  • give more range to league rankings. Being in the drop zone shouldn’t yield exactly as many gems as being in the middle of the rank. Pro league rank position should vary more than just a few crystals between rank 1000 and rank 100.

  • a bunch of old stuff: make king health bar stand out more, zoom out raid view more, let players paint their troops, not just gear, make it so you can actually get off spike traps in U-turns… You know, irrelevant stuff.

Agreed with most of them. The only thing is windows phone support should probably be put on a desupport plan, since even Microsoft will soon not be supporting it. 


Nothing here really stands out, some nice to haves but mainly low priority and better things they could work on.

your skull point is (probably) wrong too, if they removed from cof even less players will do all 6.
most players probably don’t even understand how the bonus skulls % works to get more skulls.

And getting only extra 2% (20-30) rather than being able to get up to 100 extra?
mid alliances might not even bother asking their players to do it.

I know there are more urgent issues, like more subscriptions and whatnot, but that doesn’t mean slight improvements in other areas should be ignored, especially that it doesn’t take all that much effort most of the time.

And rather than getting up to 100 extra skulls for ~30 gems (because these chests fail, y’know) I’d prefer getting over 1000 for free. And what kind of score/ranking is decided with a coin toss/dice roll? Because that’s what cof skulls are. And don’t give me the luck gear excuse.

You don’t know which ones will take time. And a lot of your suggestions might (will) have people coming onto the forum complaining about why it was changed for no real reason (and why didn’t they focus on the other stuff). Its just not worth the time fixing.

Don’t know where this extra 1000 comes from. But per your original post, you say ppl are more likely to do raids 4-6 if there is no skull in cof - i’m saying no they will not since main reason to do raids 4-6 is for the cof skulls (even without spending gems).

Now you are suggesting they replace the cof with extra 1000 skulls for free for raids 4-6? sure that will make more people do 4-6, but you’ll also make 6 fights mandatory rather than optional, and i think you’l’l find much objection to this change too.

I said 1000 as an example and it’s slightly below what I tend to get per raid. It may be 4000 for you, I don’t know what your skull bonus is. And you didn’t understand my original post. I didn’t say cof skulls need to be replaced by an arbitrary number of skulls out of nowhere which will stimulate participation. I said your war score could be a sum of all raids instead of just 3 best raids. So if you get 1200 skulls per raid that would give you 7200 skulls instead of 3600 (without bonus) for six raids. That would mean all raids matter and not just 3, and THAT would be a reason to raid more. Also I’m not saying it has to be 6 raids (which in all fairness is a tad tedious). 4 raid wars are popular, from what I hear.

As for making changes in general, I would be fascinated to hear that making it so you can actually see what’s shooting at you from off-screen and what you can hit with you spells with absurd range is a bad thing. Or how knowing when blacksmith etc event will end is also unnecessary. But whatever, I’ve made my list of game suggestions in a thread about game suggestions, anyone can disagree with it and/or make their own. That “it’s just not worth the time fixing” is actually true though, sadly.

I agree with this one, this would be great to have you’re whole army have it’s own unique color, good job on this one

well that was alone hte lines of my second guess. I can tell you without a doubt that change will not go ahead, many many many many MANY players would not want that change.

instead of allowing ppl to choose whether to use gems for cof (and many low - mid alliances 4-6 are optional if you get 3 successful attacks), you’re forcing people to:

  1. do all 6 raids, which is too much and many people complain about already.
  2. almost force people to gem even more to resurrect and scroll to make sure they successful with all attacks. With current system you can lose battle a few battles and still get near your max score. WIth your suggestion, you cannot fail else you lose a lot of skull.


Its a fact of everything in life, not enough time for everything, gotta make priorities.

If flare their true intention was to stimulate players to raid higher players, the 100 extra skulls could also directly be rewarded without letting a casino element decide whether you get the extra skulls for free or not. If you really think that the 20 skulls are the reason why some players only raid 3 times, please think again. It’s a combination of factors. Main reason is that the gold reward is a slap in the face.

Players totally get demotivated to raid in war, just because of the extreme low gold rewards. With the gold you gain from war raids, you even can’t do a single upgrade, while if you raid outside the season, you can upgrade anything you want. That’s main reason. It stops players making any progress during 5 days, when they need to raid only in war season. 

Why we need to do most of our raids for 50k- (when a player giving good gold is raided by the team a lot of times, he gives almost no gold at all after a few raids!) while we can get at least 10 times more gold outside the season? And indeed, the skulls in cof also have a negative contribution. Not only one reward less is inside the chests, also it could cost you precious gems. 

There is no need for putting those skulls inside chests. When I raid top player inside a war, what stops Flare from giving me the 100 extra skulls directly? We all know the answer, only reason for those skulls to be inside a chest is that some will need to pay gems to continue opening chests and need to pay 15-45 gems to get the skulls. That is not stimulating/motivating players to do their war raids. That’s why my team explicitly says that players don’t need to use gems to find the skulls. 

There is a question still not answered by your side, do you continue opening cof after a failure on first chest or not? 

I think if I take out your rant about using gems and other things, you etc and just focus on above. My understanding is that you are saying 20 skulls is not the reason players raid the extra 3. I totally agree, that’s why I said if they removed skulls from cof, even less people will do raids 4-6.


I will answer you in the other thread.

Correct observation, for 20-28 skulls players don’t do extra raids (2% loser bonus). When the extra skulls are just rewarded and not inside chests, players would at least consider doing those raids. So what prevents flare from giving those extra skulls instead of just rewarding them? The gems they earn from it might be the reason?

Main reason I also gave, gold outside season is huge, while when we do our war raids and used a lot of bread, we might be fortunate that 12 raids (2 wars average) gave 100-200k average per raid. With that amount of gold, normal upgrades can’t be performed. So in fact war season hurts them. What’s more attractive? Raiding outside the season. 

I don’t see the big issue TBH gems in war cof. Its not as big difference as the ninja where you miss out #1. Yes it can be annoying but you don’t need to do it. Many alliances don’t require it, use the gems to help that little bit more if you want, else don’t do it if it makes you sad.

If they just gave 10 skulls for raids 4-6, then more alliances might require you to do it. Then they might require you to scroll and resurrect to make sure you get those extra skulls. So in fact the reason might be Flare want you to spend less gems! :stuck_out_tongue: I’m kidding of course, but they way people want to tie everything to Flare wanting gems gets tired and old. Yes we all know flare needs ppl to use gems, that doesn’t mean its the reason for everything.

Ninja coins removed from cof, flare must want you happy so you will spend even more gems elsewhere!! devious!!
changing health / scream, they must want us to die more, need more scrolls / rez - more gems!!

That’s what I did do, no longer open them for gems. It saves frustration and our wars never are that close that we need to, unless you are champ. In that case you should get the skulls (that’s when it happened to me 8+ times in a row). That’s also why I told my team that I won’t champ any more, knowing myself to force to spend gems in that case.

flare added subscriptions plus pro league for spending us cash/gems. So I understand that coins are out of ninja chests. And the addition of pal food is good, now we don’t need years for leveling up multiple pals. 

There’s no need to spend gems while you champ either. You are still helping your team out if you champ, can still get extra 2-3k skulls. :slight_smile:

I have not been in many teams, but the few i have been usually cannot find enough people willing to champ, and certainly if you are one of the players with good sp, even if you don’t spend gems you can get more skulls champing without using gems, than others could using gems. Ie you can help the team out getting more skulls, and not having lower player use gems.

of course, that’s only if you want to put in the extra battles to help your team out…

Yes, but not when out of those 10 extra fights 9 are failures on first chest, like my case. We only champ when it’s an absolute must and every skull counts plus it’s important for a war boost we want. So when we don’t open the cof at that moment, we might lose the war.

I know it was an absurd situation (of the 16 fights around 11 failures in cof). But when all champs not continue opening and miss around 3k+ trophies by that in total, it means losing the war. I know that skull percentage is important and that bonus rises per champ.

For us every skull matters when we need champs, so in case that cof after cof becomes a failure, it becomes a burden. When I need 90 gems for those 10 extra fights, it’s fine with me, but not 300+ gems suddenly during one war, because I get a so called bad luck stroke of 8 cof in a row requiring 30+ gems every time (with even an impossible 3 times 45 gems in a row). 

That flare asks gems for first failure, fine. But it’s unacceptable to demand two more times gems for receiving those extra skulls. Those skulls should never have been put inside cof on the first place. Every game I played so far after spending cash/gems the rewards are given, this is the only game I know that keeps asking two more times. Even in OR(their own game) you get all prices after paying gems. 

Flare not for nothing puts those skulls inside chests. When you fail, you are aware of the fact that if you continue that the first reward are extra skulls. Just by knowing this, they try to seduce players to use gems. We aren’t forced to open indeed.

you are too negative.
Yes, if all champs do not open and miss around 3k+ trophies in total that might cost you the war. You might get the 3k+ trophies and still lose.
But the chance of you losing is much higher if you don’t champ at all all.

Who knows if you have 8 champs, even without any skulls from cof, the extra 10k+ skulls - you might win!

I’m not saying champ every war, you pick and choose which ones your team want to try win.
But seems like you are ‘throwing the baby out with the bathwater’ by not champing (which can be good even without using gems) just because of your stance on using gems.

Maybe I am too negative indeed, but you must realize I review this afterwards, not before it happened. So it actually already was history, before I start sharing that story. 

If anybody would have told me that I would fail 8+ times in a row and would need 30+ gems per try, I would have told him it can’t be true and he must be exaggerating. Like I said, I like to help my team and a little bit below average is acceptable as a loss.

I know myself and now it’s already hard to not continue opening after a failure. For the records, I didn’t continue. But we have enough players who can champ, so for now I decided to let other players take the honors, I won’t champ for a while. Maybe later when proved I can hold on and stop opening for a while after a failure that I will champ again. For now I just relax and let it handle by others.  

We usually win our seasons without needing champs due to our double team mechanism. One team drops trophies, while the other one wins seasons with minimum fiefdoms. So champing in our situation is a rarity. And if we champ, we do it last hour to surprise the opponent. 

I have read before that this is what you do. Thought it wasn’t right you complain about being in low alliance with not as good boosts, while you are at the same time taking advantage of the system requiring you to level two alliances. Though I think you guys are shooting yourself in the foot doing this, but anyway that’s just my opinion… and even more off-topic  :slight_smile:

The system allows it, so with all kind of respect. Who are you to judge our system? Don’t see this as a personal attack.

I know that when I was high in trophies, main reason for our medium boosts was our two alliance system. I did adapt by staying lower in trophies. There is no fun in getting no gold and main reason I search by myself, as leader for a long time, I took the decision to run 2 teams. By doing this, we have a very strong core of loyal members and not the problem that other teams have. Main problem of other teams is to prevent a lot of open spots.

We realize that our two alliance system is reason why we are still just at level 45 (both teams), but that’s not the main reason. We made mistakes in the past, keeping war boosts 24/7 plus took too many fiefdoms during seasons and wasted a lot of gold by overboosting ourselves. If we would have used that gold more smart, we would have had a higher alliance level.

We will lower our expenses and decided to raise our income by team members voluntary upgrading AT. That will generate tons of extra income. We know what to do and will now go for growth in both teams. Mark my words, we already saved gold for next three levels. Before the end of the year we will level up one team to level 51. In the other team we already have the gold to level up also some levels.

By the time we switch again, we have enough gold in the other team to level also up to level 51.

The two alliance system indeed holds us down, but at least both teams are healthy. Other teams start to lose seasons in a row andstart to lose members, that’s due to their choice (one team). 

I have no problem with you doing it the two alliance system. Only had issue when you complain about not having the higher level boosts higher level alliance have.
Same as I don’t have a problem with you staying low trophies. But if you start complaining about not being able to compete in high level ninja’s then i don’t think that’s right.

You are trying to have your cake and eat it too. You weight the upsides and downsides of what you do, you cannot take the upside, and then complain about the downside.

it doesn’t matter what you level your alliances to, it will still be the case that if you only had one, it would be higher. Unless of course you get to max.

As you say the choice is yours, and you will attract certain types of players with your method.
Its good to provide different options for players, especially niche options such as your two alliance system.