My Base Designs collection


Hey Guys…


Those are some base designs that I came up with, It might not be tough but it could be if the wave compositions are suitable with it…


Enjoy  :wink:



1- The Rocket










2- The D








3- The W








4- The Lolypop







5- The M






Hope You Like them    :grinning: :rolleyes:

Too bad I can’t see the pictures… :confused:

Why ?? are using pc or phone/ tablet?

PC. And whenever I click on one of the picture files, it says “Sorry, you don’t have permission for that!”. It doesn’t display a preview of the image either.

@Heroesflorian can you see it now?? IO Just edited the Post 

Sry but I can’t access the links… have no Facebook account and those seem to be not public.

Then just get a Facebook account :stuck_out_tongue:




facebook links: “This content is currently unavailable”

I modified my post check again  :grinning:

Thx, now I see the pictures too! Finally :wink:


Interesting symmetric designs you have there :slight_smile: