My base is open, Attack me, I need to lose trophies

I want to lose trophies so… Attack me my base is 100% open

Me in-Game name is randomgoose97


Thats the post for Open bases.

But it’s been ages since someone posted there nobody even looks.

I posted there 2 or 3 days ago. 


Once you post a new comment the old thread goes to the top of the forum, so there is really nothing to gain for creating a new one.  

Hopefully I would lose more trophies, Is there a faster way?

Use your bread to attack higher opponent and after destroying 1 barricade or tower make ur king die


Works better if you attack a low level player and die. You may loose up to 60 trophies within 2 sec

Why do you want to loose trophies??? Can’t handle the opponents at your level now??? So you loose a bunch of trophies so you can attack some one that is half your experience points??? Getting tired of lvl 35 + sitting in wait for those noobs to clear lower lvls…if you want to loose trophies attack some one that is 10 to 15 lvls above you…or is that just too much work???

Yes i’f you must know I always lose when attacking my level players which would be 50