My Base

Hello guys ,I have recently been looking at the forums and I seen great ideas. Ok to the topic …

My base has been changing a lot past this week but it doesn’t seem to be stopping people from getting past.Using bladestorm heal and fire on my base at not even high levels is pretty easy . I’ve tried the clover design but it was worse I think . Could you guys give me some base ideas for my level(45ish). Attack me to test out my base , IGN MaTTsBase I think so just type is Matts. Thanks:)

What is your in game name

clover design doesn’t work for me at lower level too , try paper clip or death box.I use death box quite a lot around level 40-55 (modify a bit)




I agree Fii…

Could you explain how that deisign works or an IGN of someone that has it , also what do you think of my base ?


I’m not sure of the death box design but think sn1kt have a video (MasterE’s death box) of the design on his youtube channel.Check the IGN B-Nice for paper clip design (hes a lower level king around 1200 trophy) for your base , I’ve seen it but farms upgrading so can’t test it.Maybe will try with my 2nd account once I’ve got full silo (you’re offering nice medals haha)

There will always be someone bigger and stronger so I wouldn’t worry too much

Isn’t it kind of boring to just copy one of the popular base designs?

Yes, they may be good, but to me they seem boring - lots of identical bases over and over again…


I’d just setup my own base. It may be less effective, but at least the title of this topic would fit: MY base. :wink:

Totally agree. Another example of lack of depth, creativity and versatility.


Oh and another thing. I can’t really afford to waste bread testing peoples bases. I’m sure other people feel the same, which hinders community interaction. Not good for business.

i waste it on off tournament that i know im going or trying to lose :slight_smile:

At some point you have to go with tried and tested base design to give yourself some stability while you level up your towers , heroes and all.Then you’ll start to create your own base or modify the current one according to your preferences.After awhile you’ll need the tried and tested design again.As for the title , do you have to argue about that ? I don’t think asking him to create his own base can help , your comment doesn’t help at all mjbe.At least not for someone around level 45.I’m not sure how it work around your ranks but down at my ranks theres variety of base design I can assure you.Not to mention lower down the leaderboard where people only have 23 tiles like my 2nd account , only paper clip are a bit common , others definitely custom base design.

No, I never had to go with a tried and tested base design and made it into the top 200 this way (although I have dropped down a bit lately). I always had my own base and never copied someone elses.

I don’t agree at all that you HAVE TO go with a tried and tested base design. Everyone can decide for himself if he prefers to do this or not.


I play the game, I design my base and because of that it’s MY base. I consider simply copying anyone elses base pretty boring. You don’t have to agree with me, but that’s how I see it.


Doesn’t matter that much if the base is a little bit stronger or not - as stanpa said above, there’s always someone stronger who beats it easily.


Btw. I never said you have to create your own base. I only stated that I would do that.

If my comment doesn’t help you or him, just ignore it. And I still see nothing wrong with my posting…

Your post did help , I understand that I should create my own base but I just wanted peoples ideas about mine and ideas from others on how to improve. Thanks for answering :slight_smile:

Good that hes actually helping and mjbe it was nice exchanging comments with you again  :slight_smile:

yeah same goal different strategy , still don’t like the way you think coz for me its too complicated.Life at college already bad enough , not gonna trouble myself playing the game your way but yeah still enjoy the game and the forum and your comments haha.At least I think it was done in a matured way , maybe a bit tense but nah not really.

Just a thought:

Sure there are some pretty common and relatively efficient (at some point in development) base designs out there that are commonly known.

Though, just copying a path layout is not enough, as your tower types and levels as well as troop types and levels and of course the wave morale points also have to fit together and complement the path layout.Thus you can’t actually just go ahead and copy MasterE’s deathbox design - most likely, some parts of it will be way different, even if you have the exact same path.

So using a “tried and tested” reference design can and will work out poorly in a lot of cases.

So I personally rather try to use the ideas behind those designs and/or some efficient small-scale (e.g. involving just 1 or 2 towers) tower placement patterns and recombine them to fit my current options regarding troops, waves, towers and available space.

Also, just take the clover design for example: I guess there are dozens if not hundreds of variants of pure and mixed clover designs out there, so even if you use a clover-style design you may still put your personal touches to it.

And don’t forget: Surprise is valuable, hence a clever “custom design” can be much more challenging than a standard design that your attackers have already seen and fought dozens of times before.

#Edit1: accidental double post here, sry^^

#Edit2: If it’s already there, I may just as well use it for mentioning some ideas/principles useful in building up one’s defense.

  • Avoiding clustering to lower the amount of 1-cast-spell-damage a hero can do at any point.

  • Concentrating fire power to force the hero to move back and restore health, wasting precious time, or even kill the hero.

  • Avoiding path overlap to minimise sword rain efficiency and prevent ranged troops and spells from damaging the wave troops, especially melee units, as well as blockades.

  • Deliberately using path overlap, especially in so-called choke points, to use ranged wave units and towers to weaken/kill/slow down the advancing raiding party, especially melee units or cannons, as well as the hero, and prevent catching up of spawned troops with the hero.

  • Placing towers in a way that allows them to attack in advance, before being in range of the hero’s spells and melee attack and/or in range of the raiding party troops.

  • Placing towers in a way that prevents cannons from reaching them in advance, to enforce melee/close-range engagement of the hero.


(And that didn’t even mention wave composition and tower types yet.)

You may have noticed that some of those principles (seem to?) contradict each other, and that is one of the reasons why every design has, to a varying degree maybe, its strengths and weaknesses, and there is no single perfect defense.

Pretty surely you know even more things to watch out for?

You don’t mention tower types but the questions is coming up :slight_smile: