My Cadmus-what is the best choice for him?

Currently,this is the equipment for my Cadmus.He is one of the best heroes,for me.

What is the best choice to choose from masteries,is it cooldown mastery?

Is it worth to choose his unique shield with speed perk (until I refine it) over damage reflection? I use bia power and pheme.


That’s a very nice shield, but you could experiment with his unique. If you don’t have problems with him dying, the extra speed might be beneficial. Otherwise the setup looks good!

keep his CD as close to 75% as possible especially if you use pheme.  The  demo weapon is a big help (something i’ve never found!)- The one above is future proof for when I lvl up next week and can still keep the 75% cd.  Unique shield would be good for forging at lvl 149/150, but he might run ahead of his meat shield and get hit more by lightning towers especially on AP-  I would use stun/cd rings rather than the ones you have - you’ll notice you get a lot better at killing GK’s. You probably wont need any LoH items for Caddy if you have LoH masteries which is normal at top lvl

Looks good, you must have 75% cd on him.

I will try someday to add something useful on unique shield.I agree with you that the extra speed might be good against some (maybe especially against weaker/easier) defenses,so I can use both shield according my opponent.Thanks!

If you don’t need the shield slot to keep him alive, the speed is actually very nice. But if you’re dead, it doesn’t matter if you’re fast.