My conquest Event recommendations

My dream Conquest Event would based on these 3 things : 1. Strategy (exciting way to create my spell and unit build before raids) 2. Tactics (exciting variety of spells and units during raids and enemies that will challenge me to use them skillfully 3. Rewards (Awesome personal and alliance rewards that will motivate me to push myself to become a better strategist and tactician to attack increasingly stronger enemies and dungeons)


For strategy and tactics to take place all players must be of the same level. If a player and his castle defence is many levels higher than the rest then the others won t be able to defeat him no matter what Strategy or Tactics they use. ALL player spells and troops should be of the same level no matter the player level (like the proleague).

When 2 players fight, the one who wins gets gold and resources (stone/wisdom/troops) which r used to contribute to the alliance upgrades, if the raid is unsuccesful the enemy player receives resources (NOT gold). 

Context of World map

The current conquest map is too empty, it needs to be filled with many exciting new tiles that have dungeons with many important rewards to give u an incentive to explore the map.


(developing your selection of spells and units to raid, and developing your tent defence)

All players will start with just their heroes and a few knights and as they move through the map they will meet monsters (ogres, mummies, etc) where if they choose to fight and win they ll get resources or even recruit them as troops and use them either in raids or defence (fixed number not unlimited) FG could introduce new awesome units here every season to motivate alliances to explore the map and attack dungeons 

The conquest alliance upgrades will be separated in 2 categories offensive and defensive. offensive will allow players to carry more units in raids and more advanced spells, and defensive will increase waves and traps/towers in your defence (FG could introduce new awesome units/traps/towers/spells every season to motivate alliances to upgrade all-the-way) 

When a player raids an enemy player, he ll be attacking his tent not his castle defences. At the beggining, the tent’s defence will have only a few traps/towers and few small waves and as the alliance purchases more conquest upgrades the tent’s defences for every member will get tougher. The tent defence should ALWAYS include the Primal Beast AND the enemy player with his selection of 3 spells!!! The enemy hero should have a hit and run tactic and not just move forward like the Primal Beast, he s the King he s got Brains…right!!!


(The spells and units available during raids that will determine your gameplay)

All players will start with just their heroes and a few knights and the 3 first spells, and as the alliance purchases new offence upgrades they ll be able to access the rest. When raiding dungeons u ll be able to acquire magic items that will allow to cast a fixed number of spells in addition to the 3 u already have. Other magic items could give u dmg reduction, dmg reflect, etc like in D&D.


Except from the rewards that u get when u raid succesfully a dungeon, FG should also make the gold earned from beating an enemy player to REALLY worth it (like in seasonal events) and should also add bonus gold that increasses for each consecutive succesful raid.

I want FG to add titles to the Players that perfomed best in the Conquest Event, which the player will hold until the next Conquest Event, these titles will be like :  …the Head-Crusher  …the Majestic  …the Dragon-Slayer , the Invincble , etc    

The scoring system which involves getting conquest points by building towers and occupying tiles, the stronghold buildings, the conquest rewards u get at the end of the event …and pretty much everything else r COOL!!!

Special temporary event related titles would be an awesome new feature.