My curtain has fallen

Its time,

Im sorry my friends and family. But the curtain is closing.

I remeber the days when a little king, trown into this world.

Struggeling to find his way. Fighting building meeting friends.

Later on he gather a Alliance around him. He perfected his skills. Growing out to be a example for his friends a right hand for his leader.

He spend his days motivation inspirating and striving to the top. He build bridges with other alliances. He contributed on forums to improved the game.

But after each change, he got beat up . Trown against the ropes. Refussing to pay. He realized that it wouldnt change.

So as i started, the curtain has fallen, with no strength left in me to take the stage another day.

My farewells friends and family and even my mighty foes.

I bend my knee, not to flare but to you,-


Bye Serenity, hope to see you back. Do come back when you feel you are missing the game. Its never good to see a player leaving be it in our own alliance or other alliance.


Good Luck for your future :slight_smile:

Pity to see you go!