My expectations and probabilities about v3.8

  1. New troop (announced deer with golden horn) %100

  2. New hero (Artemis most likely) %80

  3. Unique item quest (75/150/300 opened titan chest, give a unique) %80

  4. New war system (36h/round based/sunday off… ) %60

  5. Chat improvement (at least in team private messaging) %30

  6. CaptainMorgan promoted to OfficerMorgan %0 (?) 





CaptainMorgan --> AdmiralMorgan. Ofc it is 0% otherwise, actually a demotion 

I don’t know that a new troop is a lock. 

Yeah - I also didn’t get the certain sense that there’s a new troop. I understood the teaser to be a hint at the new hero, not a nod towards a new troop.

But clearly it’s open to interpretation and the above is mine…

When is supposed to be on versión 3.8?

I hope the new hero is available right away even for low-level players with less than 30.000 dominance. The new players are important and you have to help them continue the game with new motivations as the new hero can be

I do agree with Vasudeva ?

Similar to Ajax?

something like Ajax might be a good idea, for me the important thing is that it is also available to new players

Feeling some sarcasm here ^^ :grinning:
I’d love to know from the Captain the % of how many are using Ajax still on harsh wars