My farewell to RR2

As the title says, I am saying goodbye to RR2. It has been a blast, but my time with this game is done. The simple reason is, I just don’t enjoy it the way I did so many months ago.

Even so, I’ve made a lot of friends, had a lot of fun, and kicked a lot of ass! I will always have positive memories of my time with RR2. To the friends I’ve made, I wish you guys the best of luck in everything you do. Enjoy this game and everything that comes after. To the asses I’ve kicked, I wish you the best too

bye hot shot. i have good memories of you. hope your life is of luck in all you do

give me ur account so i can sell it, im sorry my bad, you want your account to be a memorial am i right?

Good luck in all you do, Horkos


Fun playing with ya!





@Atlas: People’s farewell letters not the place for your classless no content derailments. It can be entertaining when they go all diva I guess but it’s not a joke to the writer. Nobody took a shit on your post you made the other day.

And if I hear one more person say “he’s just a kid” I’m gunna puke. His FB page says born 1997. That’s old enough to know better.

Ikr, hate when people try to protect me and make up the excuse for me being a “kid”, but f off i wuz just joking :grinning:

goodbye horkos,North Alliance lost a great player

Hate to see you go my friend…

You take care and enjoy life…

We will miss you…

Hey :slight_smile:


Good luck in your real life, hope everything will go well for you! 

All the best Horkos, might not have always agreed with you, but deep respect, sadly another good and honest player leaves the game.

Farewell Horkos, North Alliance will miss you greatly.

Sad to see one more player leaving the Game, I haven’t got to interact with u Horkos, but as a friend of North Alliance from Burniators i wish you Good Luck for all the good things that you choose to do in future.