My friends and teammates go away!

Flare! please go back to this 2017 year’s game. Bring back old developers! thx Flare :slight_smile:

You notice well. Of course its something we have see over time. Version 1.8.5 to 3.0.0 was perfect. Something have change after version 3.0.0 start to nerf like hell each stuffs, worst balancing,Defense OP, oopss after a while its Offense who OP and defense nerfed, etc… the quality of update and work have drop after 3.0.0. Maybe its because RR2 have reach his lifespan since a long long time. They try to suck and prolong his life but without success. Its like try to prolong a old PC over years. When a device its over then its over you buy a new one.

RR2 should stop maybe to add stuffs and just fix bugs,problem and improve it. At least just that will be ok