Yesterday I attacked on master e base just to see what happens,since my king level is just 68 and he is double my level so obviously his base is too much heavy for me…

This is what happens…

I came out from my tent and ordered my cannons and frosters to attack.but they said you go first.they left me no choice so I use hero scream to pull them with me.but just after crossing one path tile from my tent I found four boosted werewolves standing in front of me roaring their lungs out.i got scared so I used blizzard and then bladestorm but I do not know where those blades and snow goes,I guess may be they digest it.i screamed for help but my frosters and cannons both run towards tent including me but they enter first and I found myself in a situation where I was standing in the middle of four werewolves.i feel like i was watching wrong turn movie or something in which one wolf was eating my legs,other one my hands,third one my head and the last one my rest of the body…but during my last breath i decided to get raid by touching first barricade so i run for it and after touching it i feeled like a king and died in battlefield proudly…😊😊😊😊😊

This is what happen when you try to attack top place at low levels…


You can write a book raiding top players :ph34r:

But the main thing of this topic?

Nice summary!!  :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha, it’s not even because of the higher level, it’s all those Elite Boosts that make them so tankish xD


Ok I like this