My gems were lost

That is my second level 113 account [| (Aspros) |], yesterday I had 5.9 k of gems and today I entered the game, now I have 2k, I didn’t buy anything from chests, power slots or unit, can you tell me what happened?

Contact support. The link is in the header at the top.

Its a good thing you have the screenshots. They could possibly check the logs from my experience, based on those two numbers and pin down when it happened. Your trophies are pretty similar too, so its one more indication of the “timeframe”.

The issue is if you accidentally bought gold/wisdom. (Worshippers are the same) These things cost a lot, considerably more than ambrosia/forging and such. I see a huge increase of wisdom, you can only get 60-70k MAX over 8 hours, and thats a 170k increase that its pretty hard to get by farming.

A 10% wisdom increase I think is around 2-3k gems. Did you use any wisdom before you realized the gem change?

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I have full resources because I am not building for a long time, nothing but the temple of heroes and improving Medusa

Just today I put Medusa to improve and I used the resources for the Odyssey

Im just saying, to get 170k wisdom you probably need 24 hours and log in 3 times minimum to get the resources when full.

I see gold missing which explains the Medusa required gold going down… but its all hypothetical. The wisdom if you just logged in, is HUGE. Tell me how you did that :slight_smile:

As I said, I don’t build anything I’m frozen in level, I always carry my resources full for war

I am asking how did you get from 200k wisdom to 370k wisdom. Im just trying to help you, if you remember.

If your screenshot is before you went for bed for example and then you woke up, its probably something weird. Its literally impossible to get 170k wisdom with 1 log-in.

Now if the screenshot is 3 days ago, thats fine… could be anything.

It’s still a lot of wisdom. I bet that’s what happened.

I do not know what happened :frowning:
I don’t remember buying wisdom

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it’s very easy to do it by accident. On the bright side, you have lots of wisdom.

As mentioned earlier, please get in contact with support via the link in the website header, and they will be able to check whether something has gone wrong, or whether you have clicked something by accident.