My general recently was attacked at 96% and lost 24 trophys, the attacker was a few levels above him 104 to be specific, he usually only loses 7 or 8 and thats at 100%? I have seen while searching through battles that some players have a high trophy and high medal 4 the take and are very difficult to beat usually havin all boosts active and are a few levels below to seem like a easy target, is it possible that my general is now become 1 of these players? And is it a one off thing or will he keep losing large amounts of trophys? He has put it down to his defense being too strong and he was now being punished for it which does make sense as his DEF log has more wins than losses, is that why maybe? does anyone know how this happens to players??

The trophy system is not that great. Why are you tripping over him losing 24 trophies? Could have been match maker attack which gives higher trophies. If that player at 104 was at a lower trophy range than your guy hey will get more trophies. I am at 108 and can get up to 10 trophies from 500 trophy range level players. In some instances with match maker can get 30 to 40 from players 50+ levels below me. 


My guy lost 52 trophies to a guy 14 levels above. He did get 100% though.

Still seems very excessive. 52 trophies and 14 levels above…

That is most likely the war match maker gives higher trophies to winner.

The only time I have lost that many trophies is when I was attacking and had a lock-up and had to restart the game and found I lost 50 - 60 trophies due to the lock-up.

I can drop trophies in the war match maker in that range easily.

Attacking and losing yes, but when you’re being attacked, no.

This is a new development.

Yes you are right, From what I can tell they have reverted back to the way it was before they nerfed the hell out of it. I like it better because I can drop and add back trophies quickly.

this new system sucks. The previous one was better. A 1800 trophy attack me and get 2 trophy. I try to attack him 0 trophy. Why in the hell someone can earn 2 trophy or more and you 0. After I have try to reduce the difference. at 700. I can stole him 9 trophy lol. So stupid. So 9 for me and 2 for him lol

So now i have fun to attack him 3 time per hour for 27 trophy and same if he try to fight back lol its max 6 for him. Worst system ever.

It could be worse. I once attacked a guy twice(50+ each) and took 100+ trophies. He appeared twice on matchmaker. Guess it wasn’t his lucky day

Cheers for your reply bro, wasn’t me tripping, I posted on his behalf, although still good to know Incase it happens to me in future, I had no idea about the match maker attacks, flare don’t inform anyone about any of this stuff?

My bad, the trophy system at best is broken. You are exactly right flare does not tell you pooh about anything. Personally I raise trophies for ninja events and after that I could care less about them. 

Yeah that is a devastating loss bro! I have come across a few 40+ player, they always have a solid defence, Ive had to use gems just to avoid the loss, now I avoid those matches all together?

That would suck! ?

So what is the war match maker? Same deal but during war?? 

No it is that big button on bottom right of screen with cross swords that picks opponents for you to battle in game. 

Just lost 44 trophies to a guy 14 lvls above me when he did 99% of my path. He got like 28K gold.

this system is more broken than the previous one. Good job Flare. When you fail a raid and lost -60 like if you have retreat same at 45% or more. Or when someone got from you 12 but he offer 3,etc…Don’t ask after why many level 100 have now 1000 trophy to trap low player to gain gems and so on…