My gripe that no one else has, apparently

Remember me nagging flare to move the insta troops button? I will explain via picture to make it clearer.

As you can see (more or less, I probably timed it badly) if I wanted to take the path down in the middle of the screen (i.e. go back) I’d need to somehow tap one pixel in between all those buttons and morale bar for the game to register it as a tap-to-move command. In reality instead of getting out of a tight spot I will keep tapping the insta troops button that takes up nearly the entirety of the bottom-center section, and, more likely than not, die, unable to withdraw from a tight spot. The alternative is charging forward and dying or hitting that one free pixel that isn’t taken up by buttons. This scenario occurs whenever the road back is straight down in the center of the screen, usually in corners. And is the reason why I hardly ever use insta troops.

Must that button be exactly there? And must it have all those fancy-ass ribbons making it even larger? Why can’t be somewhere where it’s not in the way of stuff?

In case someone says I need a bigger screen because it’s a resolution problem - it’s NOT up to me to have a screen that can fit the game, it’s the dev’s job to make sure the game fits on my screen. Make the buttons smaller to scale better, put them elsewhere, I dunno.

On top.

I agree with you, Jig.  I have a laptop with a screen that flips around and you can use it like a tablet.  I use my fingers on the screen to play and I have big hands, so I’m constantly wasting insta troops.  Usually, it’s in the last few seconds of knocking down the gate and I’ll accidentally hit the button by mistake and oops! just wasted more troops! ? In my case, I’d like to see it on the left side of the screen, but I don’t know how that would work for those on mobile?


It’d work just fine, there’s plenty of room on the edges of the screen above the troop/spell buttons. There’s also no reason for the insta button to be so bloody huge to begin with.

Yeah, I’m gonna get a warning under the new rules for digging this up but I don’t care, everyone has pet-peeves and this is mine. Plus, Madlen hasn’t seen this yet probably, so… :stuck_out_tongue:

This may not seem like much but I will go to war over this. I will roll on the floor in a tantrum. I will even make threats: Move the dang button, or else! No, really. :angry:

I rarely use the button, but most of the times I did…

It wasn’t intentional :stuck_out_tongue:

Just like you guys already mentioned, there’s some solutions on the table:

In my opinion, they could put it on top-middle, because that unit indicator is useless for me. Just above the timer.

Or else, just put it below the scream button.

This way it won’t hinder visibility too much and won’t be near “dangerous” buttons like spells.

And this! Please, for god’s sake also reduce the damn button size.

My finger isn’t potato size after all  :grinning:

You don’t need to tap one pixel in between all those buttons and morale bar to move down, the “gamepad” is the king, not the screen (if that makes any sense).
The space between the king and the insta-troop button is where you should touch to move back. That space is actually almost same size as the insta-troop button or the space to move up.


But the tip here would be: always touch the center of the screen, doing a quick slide to where you want to move.
That’s also how I solved my problem with misclicking the scroll buttons


Does it also work when you’re on spikes? I think they go beyond the “free space” above the button.

I usually take “long walks” in my raids rather than tiny steps from center screen but I’ll have to try your method out. If I can keep out of habit long enough… :grinning:

Doesn’t change the fact that it’s a workaround to a problem that shouldn’t be there in the first place. :slightly_frowning_face:

I face the same issue as you sometimes, which results in using an insta troop (or scroll, rarely) I didn’t really want to use.

It’s not exactly the fix that you’re looking for, but you can try keeping your finger on the screen (pointing in the direction you want to go) instead of tapping the screen. Maybe it will help.