My Heal Tower isn't Reaching?

I’m having trouble with my Heal Tower.

I see this arrangement working on a lot of people’s base.

But my highest up (last) Heal Tower isn’t reaching my Skull Tower.

Do I need Tainted love to make this work?

My Heal Tower Range is perked up to: 6.99

You need to put that last straight path towards the final heal tower 1 tile lower, so the heal tower get positioned right behind the skull & lightning tower.

With your high range on the heal tower, it will even be able to reach the spikes below the LT & skull tower. Those spikes will trigger healing when damaged.

Look here:

That’s almost a great idea but the problem is changing the path turns the Tower that is just to the right of the Skull Tower. So that it no longer can reach the Skull Tower…   And if I totally rebuild the path so that it doesn’t turn it… I don’t have enough Tiles to get my Beast to land at the right point! A friend of mine has a design like this that’s working… And the only difference I can see is that he has the Tainted Love Boost! Is that increasing the range?

P.S. I will totally do your idea when they give us an update to the Castle Gate and I get 2 more tiles in the Path!

As long it can reach the spikes and it heals them, the surrounding towers get healed as well.

But if you say your friend has your this design, better ask his range (and forge percentage) to compare. I don’t think the pro boost adds range to the healing tower.

We have it forged to the exact same level.  Exact.  Both level #10 Towers (obviously).  The only difference we can find is I don’t hae Tainted Love. 

@oPelle, you don’t know what’s up do you?

If you really need two healer for one skull, just switch it with FB…problem solved…FB offer very little anyway since nerf ?

Nobody needs anything.

The fact we have time to play the game kind of proves that.

But I want what I want.