My Heal Tower won't heal a Skull Tower directly behind it.

My Heal Tower won’t heal a Skull Tower directly behind it.

As you can see it has +27% range it absolutely should be healing it!

In fact, it shouldn’t heal it.

This is because the HealTower (HT) range circle must cover the Skull Tower (SkT).

The problem here is that a HealTower contrary to Firebolts or Lightning Towers is not in the middle of the square, so it doesn’t reach it and the range behind seems shorter.

This has all been discussed in this past thread, as you can see here:

It can all be resumed to @Stay0Puft answer:

So basically it can be resumed to this:

  • If the HT is parallel(or oposite) to the tower you want to heal (your scenario): You can only heal Lightning or Firebolt towers, since they’re the only who are in the middle of a square.
  • If the HT is perpendicular to the tower you want to heal (HT-> SkT of the image above): It can heal any tower.

Note: My statements only applies for HTs high range forged or even maxed, as in your case.

Hope it helped.

Well then Flare should fix the Range circle cause the circle indicates otherwise.

I stand by my bug report.

It’s time we start exepcting some level of functuonality in Flares half-asked work.

You’re not getting my point.

The circle doesn’t indicate it should heal.

It has to completely touch the Skull Tower on the other end (south).