My list of improvements,ideas&few complains!


  •  We can set 4 preset items slots,like A,B,C,D.same we have with troops,spells slots for different combinations.but same we can’t do with defence setup& waves,right? if we can that would be useful ! like with one click different layout of bases preset as needed,with one click different combination of waves preset,can be helpful for testing as well,like for example if u want to practice with only beast without towers& waves !
  • my necromancer&viking is still low lvl,but find it very slow on attack,but most of high level players don’t use them for attack,are these highest moral cost troops only intended for defence which most players use them for? If yes then ok,otherwise need to buff them for attack.
  • I tried loading game on windows for big screeen experience,and controlling hero,troops,spells are much easier on any other touchscreen device. can I atleast set up key for which I want for for troops,spells by some customized setting?
  • I tried to find any alliance which does not take wars,and conquests seriously like work and people r just having fun,occasionally active,can play war,conquest when want to,but not “have to”,responsibilty only daily donations and some basic boosts if any ! but I did not successful at my level,and most of people are causul players like me who r for fun.I like idea of pro-league,so don’t mind pro-league and even events/festivals,To me normal battles r most fun,even in conquest when normal war is fun otherwise I don’t want to move around,wait for energy then again move around so general can build tower.I understand u can’t remove alliance wars/conquest now,and without alliance/elite boost it’s not possible to attack boosted bases so it’s like if u want to play game,have to do this boring work on side as well which makes want to quit,already returned from looong break so is it possible to make it 2 servers in game or something,so we can choose with or without alliance,without alliance one is game before alliance was introduced more or less,miss those days,those freedom. 
  • Is there any way that when we are online,everyone in alliance can’t see that if I don’t want to,some custom setting or something?
  • I find Goruc Guardian really slow,it’s devour morale is strong but it should be across path and also if it can keep moving while devouring,it can eat more,so can be worth the wait!
  • Gaspar Guardian’s attack more powerful as target has more hp,making it true beast killer,seems interesting,but judging by less talks,most people don’t have it including me.

Hi Zen,

Thanks for taking the time for writing this extensive list of your ideas.

  1. We have no such plans atm.
  1. Yes, the troop cost are so high, because they are very valuable for the defense.
  1. We will discuss internally.
  1. No.
  1. No.
  1. No, he would be too powerful then, also we don’t him to explode again :grinning:
  1. That’s because of his rarity.