My message to Flare

Dear Flare and Administrator

I glad you added some of the new boosts. But some of your decision haven’t been great and is costing you money. Right now I heard all boosts are 165 million a day and the way you give us to pay for this is Alliance subscriptions. You also added 10 levels.

You have people willing to quit or about to quit if you add more levels you will lose people. There is a lot of the top 50 teams that are a year away from maxing too. 

So my suggestion is to lower the price on Alliance subscriptions. I have been in top 4 teams and not a lot of players have them there. So you can’t be making a lot off of them. You should have the subscriptions at around 20 to 25 dollars. At that price you will have people keeping them. You also need to fix the grinding with the subscription. I shouldn’t have to schedule my time around donating. I buy stuff in this game because I don’t always have time. It should be what your alliance tower level is with a daily 300% bonus.

If anyone has any more suggestion please add them. I hope @flaretara @Nikko @GalaMorgane brings this up for Flare to consider.

165 seems too many, not ? I think you are not right, also you forget about free boosts( 8 days? After you won them)

sorry not about your main idea

I sent you screenshots of the total. This doesn’t count special war boosts and it includes prolonging pro and war boosts. It’s 169,666,667 a day to have everything. I know most are not going to have everything running. But that’s the cost.

they need to lower the price of all boosts for sure, but we’re talking about flying donkeys with flare

I agree with you. But Flare is the only place that has a subscription with less value. I could take that same 50 dollars and buy the 7500 gems. I could take those gems and skip cooldown twice a day. I would still have 1500 gems and would never miss a donation. I don’t understand why Flare wants people to not keep subscriptions. That’s kinda of  the whole point of having subscriptions. I would keep it all year, if it was 20 or 25 a month (maybe 30) and  it didn’t have the 8 hour cooldown.