My questions on this forum

Maybe some persons Will read and I Will receive an answer (a dream men).

I have two problems I already Say in This forum :

- I Can t see when last persons attack me Just when I go on my pc and not on my phone .

  • Alliance Wars are so long to wait That I don t have gems during a long time. So how to Win gems because I am losing a lot !

For your first question, contact support.

Second question.

  • You can win gems by winning leagues
  • By having a good defense and having player using scroll and resurect.
  • Some from the daily reward chests.
  • Don’t forget the little house that give you a gem each day !

Also, stop spending gems on scroll, resurect, in the chamber of fortune, etc. I’m a free players and I only spend gems on usefull and permanent stuff (except during the ninja event).

Go luck ! Allez les bleus !

Gems sont difficile pour gagner. Economiser gems et essayer de victoire ligues. Bonne Chance.

Well I was trying out my basic French.

Not bad KK. :wink:

Oh, I forgot TapJoy. 

You can get gems from there. Won’t work on windows device thought. I installe Blue Stack on my PC to get access to those gems. Its probably one of the easiest way to get gems fast.

Forum events are also very good, e.g. the trivia for up to 500 gems.

What little house are we talking about here?

The house in the upper right of the village, tap it numerous time and it will give you ONE gem everyday. It reset at the same time as the daily reward. It’s an easter egg that was added a few month ago.

If you can get the free legendary chests: get them as often as you can. They contain gems sometimes, which adds up over time.
If you get no ads, but have a PC/Laptop: Use as MrSchmouck pointed out. Then you can get the free chests, too :slight_smile:

Hopefully we’ll get Halloween and Christmas events again this year, those are very good events with high prizes :wink:  (if I recall correctly)

The best single event prizes were those from the easter event, iirc. Not me, but my alts were very much gifted there :wink:

Ahh thanks, didn’t know :slight_smile:

Oui mais pour les gemmes je connais ces méthodes mais la principale source venait des guerres  d alliance donc je vais être en déficit (; and i use not in the chamber of treasure.

And for the house I know it since the june/may update and everyday i took the gem… I took, no, i steal (;

Lol you see it is difficult to us here no ?

In ths suggestions I send many about the presents for us but also to other players !

Ahh thanks, didn’t know :slight_smile: