My RAD suggestions for Royal Revolt

I wish RR2 was a real-time strategy game where u get to built your castle, production and war building wherever u want, and also spawn and control your hero and units to move/attack wherever u want.

It d be great if you could play with or fight against real players to overthrow tyrants in a vast open world like in an OLD game favorite (back in the 90s) called Rings of Power (Sega Megadrive). I d prefer everything to evolve in real-time as if in a mmorpg rather be divided in campaigns or tournaments (it spoils the magic). I would like the hero as my main character starting as a villager with nothing in a fierce kingdom run by knights and a Tyrant, and then with reputation points that you get from feats to get to higher and higher classes (villager, artizan, bar owner, team leader , mayor, minister, centurion , senator, general, king , emperor ). Of course the higher u ll get the more pressure u ll get from the jealous knighs and evil Tyrant, and to be able to ascend u ll have to resolve to black-ops, shady deals with other players, even smugling of products the Tyrant doesn t want u to have. As u ll realise they ll be plenty of small group fights so u ll need to be a very good in war micromanagement.

I want to make it REALLY expensive and hard to build even a bar or a farm and to require managerial work to run them. I d like FG to make it so hard that u should be forced to trade all the time goods and services to get the gold or materials to build what u want. Of course, resources in wars will be crucial factor just like strategic thinking, the more troops u get killed the more expensive will be to replace them and the less likely they ll follow u.

In the end u may even get to overthrow the knights and the Tyrant and u be the King instead. And then with the vast resources of your kindgom u l be able to exact big wars with many troops and fellow players in a battle royals.

I know their very RAD ideas but I just had to express them.

You are suggesting a whole new game idea… You want flaregames to make a whole different game… If you like such games, I suggest you to try ‘Lords Mobile’ or ‘Art of Conquest’…

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The way I see this game, it’s a very balanced game (except for few bugs and technical issues)… Games are supposed to be relaxing and fun and along with it, a little competitive… I think, RR2 has every of those things balanced… You are not a gamer… You do not want to spend all 24 hours 7 days playing the same game… People have got jobs and studies to do… RR2 has achieved balance in these things and I like it…

The way you have described your changes, I would really suggest you to give this game 'Lords Mobile’a shot…

U r all kidding me …right?

What I am suggesting is like starcraft 2 or warcraft 2 but in a mmorpg environment.

You can suggest a little idea changes, not the whole game plan…

I dont know where else to send this idea that s why I post it here. If someone has an FG link where I can email my idea please send it to me.

I LOVE RR, I ve been playing it since 2011, and I think it s about time we see an RR3, and I d like to see it as a command and conquer style game (…but NOT separated in campaigns where u have to start your base all over again from the beggining-that s repetitive/boring).

If RR2 kept exactly the same universe with the same hero (of course with many more customizations), same units, building, etc “BUT” instead of going down a path to raid a castle u were in an environment like in starcraft 2, where u build and evolve your base, and produce resources to spawn units that u can control like in warcraft (imagine your hero is Arthas and your knights r footmen), “AND” all this, in a mmo rpg environment (like heroes and villagers).

Please stop suggesting me Lords Mobile and Art of Conquest, in these games u have ZERO freedom in every aspect (u just click windows and dont play at all), u build a pre-designed castle and fight pre-orchestated battles. I have no idea why u r suggesting them here, either u dont give a damn about what I writing or u r getting paid by these game companies to send them players.

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I wish I were… :joy::joy::joy:

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LOL…!!! :joy::joy::joy:

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