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Me, a mid-level player, got raided by a high-level player?

Why not ?

I don’t know. I just find it unusual. I normally get raided by someone around my level.

Someone used the armmegeddon pearl scroll on me just once, and I got 3 gems out of it. Why is that?

Tons of raiding to be done, which is done now. My throne room is now upgrading. WHY DID IT HAVE TO COST 3 MILLION GOLD!!! XD

Now waiting 4 days for the upgrading of my throne room to be done…

Be prepared, the costs wil go up to 12M and and the wait way over a week.

Just wondering Vester - how is someone to come up with that much gold if they are merely a mid-level player? 


Coming up with the 3M took hours and hours and hours of grinding!  Furthermore, for the better half of today (10.17.2015) - the find “Players” search would not load.  [Windows 8.1 PC - strong Wi-Fi signal]


Really, the only way one is to upgrade beyond TR8 or any of the other expensive areas (i.e. Troop Academy, Castle Gate, Castle Guard, etc. - all at 1M and above) is to put some real $$$ into it.


Reading MANY of the other posts on the forum - it would seem that $$$ is now the KING.  :frowning:

Nah free players can compete even on windows just accept that your not on yhe top tomorrow

Secret for free players: save up your war chests! I managed to get a total of 4.5 million gold out of 25 war chests (2 wars worth)

I got 2.4 million saving 8 chests this war. One legendary, it was all money in that one though that sucked. Was looking forward to gear but out of 8 chests containing 3-4-5 things I got 3 pieces of gear altogether

But anyway, doublednebula I have been attacked around 13 times in 2 days ALL by people at least 10 levels higher and one that is 14 levels higher SOMEHOW took 10 trophies off me!