My recommendations for Conquest Mode

I think the issue with conquest mode (cm) is that it is more or less season wars on a chest board. When the pawns (players) meet they fight like in season-wars. The BIG downside of cm is that until u get to the exciting part (fighting) it may take 2 days or more and when u get to fighting it is just …season wars again.

My suggestion would be to keep the world map part (where players move like chess pawns) and change the season-war fighting part.

All players will start with just their heroes and a few knights… NOTHING more!!! and as they move through the map they will meet monsters (ogres, mummies, maybe something new??) where if they choose to fight and win they ll get resources (wisdom/stones) or even recruit them as troops (like in warcraft) …or they could just ignore and keep exploring the map.

When a player raids an enemy player, he ll be attacking his tent not his castle defences which is ridiculous!!! u face the opponent in the middle of nowhere!!! did he carry his castle defences with him?? …on that fat donkey !!! At the beggining, the tent’s defence will have only a few traps/towers and few small waves AND the enemy player with his selection of 3 spells and pet he ll be defending like a primal beast.

The conquest upgrades will be separated in 2 categories offensive and defensive. offensive will allow players to carry more units in raids and defensive will increase waves and traps/towers when defending (as upgrades u could introduce new awesome units/traps/towers/spells every season to motivate alliances to upgrade all-the-way). The current conquest upgrades which is all about troops, heroes, energy, cooldowns, offensive and defensive ratings r just BAD and should be scraped completely. The troop system, skulls required, and supreme victory features should be COMPLETELY thrown away!!! because they are just BORING, confusing and frustrating, the idea of getting stuck for a day in a war is just NONSENSE!!! 

ALL player spells and troops should be of the same level no matter the player level!!!..the conquest mode should be a game of skill and strategy, where a 4k trophy player will fight on equal terms with a 2k trophy player (like the proleague) …nothing ELSE!!! …not to mention that it will make matchmaking one less headache for FG.

The scoring system which involves getting conquest points by building towers and occupying tiles, the stronghold buildings, …and pretty much everything else r COOL!!!