My Rewards IN Pro League

hello flare games , i am a player in game royal revolt 2 my ign : Michel Anjello and i have a probleme i was among the top 100 in pro league leaderboard this time in Racer Cup  but i didn’t get my rewards ( i got nothing no pro chests and no crystals ) so please tell me  the reason   my IGN  : Michel Anjello 

There is an issue and many players are affected. I guess you need to wait till FG fixes it, I’m sure soon you will get them :slight_smile:

I didn’t get my rewards too  :angry:

Look carefully! can a saucepan on your head stop you from seeing :grinning:

Hi!  I didn’t get my rewards in Racer Cup (no pro chests and no crystals). My IGN - co uzi

@GalaMorgane said that it’ll be fixed soon if not VERY soon. You’ll get the by the end of the day at the longest