My RR2 Blog

Hello all RR2 Players,


About a month ago I made a Royal Revolt blog hoping it would get some attention and views somehow but it did not happen and I kind of stopped posting stuff knowing it was not worth it if nobody saw it. But now that i found this blog I can “Advertise” my blog and hopefully get some more views. If I can have some more views I will definitely put more time into it and post many more things such as, Guides, Tutorials, and my Personal game options and ideas.


My Blog is more Mid-Level to Low-Level Gameplay.


Thanks All. :slight_smile:

You are strange. The last time you posted the blog nobody was able to access it and you didn’t come back to our questions. Now: Same linke same Story - It does not bring me to a RR2 blog…


The link works for me, Ronny.

Strange now suddenly it does for me too… :wacko:

It works for me too. ‘The Godly Empire’.

I am sorry I have been away, are you guys interested in me posting cool stuff on the blog?

Well, it can’t do harm, can it? :grinning:

The link works for me, too.


Though, here on the forums there might be more attention for royal revolt tips, so you might consider posting your thoughts and tactics guides directly here? (Just a thought!)


How ever you decide, some kind of RR2 blog or tactics series sounds interesting! Looking forward to hear more :slight_smile:

Well,please add me too.

Good luck