My suggestion is that you actually listen and add some Suggestions & Improvements!

Even the small ones! So so so many posts I see but none are ever added

They listen, and they do add stuff. Like, they added the daily login after about 14+ months of asking (at least, that was the first time I saw a post about it; there may have been some earlier than that). So just wait a few years, and your ideas might eventually be put in there :grinning:


But on a more serious note, yes I agree. The forums have been silent on whether the ideas will be introduced to the game or even considered 

HAHAHA I laughed with the title of this topic!

Great point! Seems like people on the forum are typing their suggestions, game issues and disagreements to other forum member, who either agree or disagree with them. But there is no clear response, or change trend from the developer’s side.

we will get back to u as soon as possible,sincerely from the dev…close case

Yup, as I’ve said, Aether is the CM so she is in the forum all the time (the other forum member you mention), she collects all the info and forwards everything to the devs, but then they don’t answer.