My suggestions for Conquest mode

With these suggestions, the Conquest Mode will be a little better. In the future Flargames has to decide if they want to keep Conquest Mode (and live with criticism, or remove Conquest Mode and implement something new “Tower 100”) 1) Shrink map. Currently the map is way too big. 2 map Examples 



(2)Set a limit on how many towers an alliance may build. Currently Conquest mode is mutch Pay2Win (3) So that in Conquest mode alliances do not work together you can name teams example: (Team Red - Yellow - Blue - Green.) If you grab a player, then there is a “member blue 12” This is 1 example . (4) Create test server. Let the community participate in your ideas / suggestions.

An important question for the developer team: Instead of improving the war season (which I would have done as a developer), why did you introduce Conquest Mode? Did they want to abolish the Normal War Season?

Can we live peacefully , each alliance take 1/4 of the map, the resources at cross point will be given to higher rank alliance ? They will win anyway . ??? 

Besser hätte ich es nicht sagen können. 

Hi Darkkaos,

Thanks for your idea. :slight_smile:

I think the the problem with the conquest map is that it is too empty. The conquest mode in general lacks content BIG TIME!!! FG has to add new staff to it and make it exciting.

Should introduce mini-bosses (special units) guarding the special tiles

Should scrap the energy and the cooldowns all together. We should only get respawn time when we lose a raid. 

Conquest points should be based on points earned by occupying tiles AND also from succesful RAIDS!!!  to put it in simple terms …fighting GOOD …cooldowns and waiting for towers to build in the middle of nowhere is BAD AND BOOOOORING and makes players VEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERY ANGRY!!! 

We should all have same level troops and spells and fight on equal terms, our choice should be on which spells and troops to bring in battle…conquest victory should based ONLY on skill!!!

…and most important…when we raid a player we want the gold earned to REALLY worth it (like in seasonal events) and if FG also adds bonus gold for each consecutive succesful raid that d make things even cooler :slight_smile:

RAIDING AND GOLD and of course BOOSTS for the alliance…uber alles!!!

Check my post below for more info on conquest mode :slight_smile:


I think FG should implemented your ideas or should remove conquest completely and should implement the Kingdom map

Hi Philipp,

U have put A LOT of thought in kingdom map but I think it d better if FG does something entirely new rather than introduce something that is combination of 2-3 exisiting events.

I dont think FG would like to add a proleague in any other event, because u only get 1 free ticket to participate per month and charges 750 gems if u want to participate again.