My suggestions

Hello everyone and Flaregames team!

My suggestion list for the game:

  • Global Chat with Recruitment.
  • Larger silo capacity.
  • Weekly events.
  • Portuguese community with moderators (I can help with the Portuguese community).
  • More ways to get gems and tickets.
  • That’s all for now!
  • Thank you!

Global Chat : I don’t know I am not a fan of this or maybe like Dawn of Steel hidden with a Logo in a corner, you click on it to access Global Chat. 

Larger Silo capacity : Its not possible and not a good idea because actually if your silo is max and your farm is max you can accumulate 2400 Food plus I heard in the past I think is on Android can watch video to have food each hour. You have Farm perk who reduce food cost, You can buy food with voucher and gems,etc… If that up over 3000+ the problem is this game is enough demanding in time not everyone who wanted to spend 10 or 15 minutes more because Flare add a new silo. My advise try to find Farm Perk in your equipment if you don’t have enough food for fight. And the goal is not to allow new player to up at level 100 in just 2 week with 100 raid each day

Weekly Events : With Flare we try to make them add stuffs but they don’t listen. We have suggested like all Online game a Weekend Event each week and not like each 12 days

Portuguese community : I have nothing special to say on that

More ways to get gems and tickets : Hard to say something on that. In a way you have free player and you have Pay to Win player and the goal of Flare its not give more gems to reduce the money they get with gems package. I think there is enough gems in the game. You can get gems via Quest over 6,000 I guess, You can get Gems in Dungeon over 4,000, You can get infinite Gems in defense like 100,200,500 or 1000 per day its possible if you have strong defense, You can get Gems via Forum 500 to 2000 for a contest, if you are on Android and Ipad,etc… you can get Gems with tapjoy its over 20,000 Gems with all the offer there. You can obtains Gems in Chest,you can obtain gems via Voucher Bazaar,etc…

Tickets its voucher you talk about? You can get Voucher via friend, in chest, in COF,in quest,etc… If we can get more vouchers gonna kill the money for Flare and that why Flare cannot add more Voucher because we can buy everything or close : worker,obtain gems,unlock new landscape, buy items,obtain more food,etc…