My titan boxes disappeared

I bought titan chests bundle (5? 6? for 2,250gem) during the day.
While opening the boxes, network disconnected and Some of them disappeared.

Please check.

it has happened to some members of my alliance with e.g. war chests or also daily chests: the game closes/disconnects and after restart the rest items are gone.

i had it once (or twice) when my inventory was full (edit: and in addition also my ressources have been at max to that time). before the update you have had a choice to sell the item or buy a slot.
some had also a closing cross in the right upper corner when you could interrupt the opening process, dismantle some of the items and then come back to the tresure menue (but not for all chests). seems like it just disconnects now instead.

please use also the customer support for this

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