MYM Alliance - Information Page

Hello all,

For those of you wishing to obtain more information about the MyM  alliance, here it goes.  First off, We are currently have 3 slot: Here are our requirements:

  • Must have a level 10 alliance tower (able to donate 250K daily).
  • Must make daily donations.
  • 3500+ trophies with 250k donate.
  • 3000ish trophies with 500k donate.
  • We are an English speaking alliance, but we don’t discriminate.

We are a team as an army, and every army need discipline and system, We want to act as family, But everyone who broke our rules has no extension in our family.(In other words, These are the steps of Success)


***For current members, you have been grandfathered in and just need to make upgrading your alliance tower to level 10, your first priority (and of course continue daily donations).For upgrading our alliance, i just need 75k daily donation per members, and the others income will uses for the elite boosts

Additional donations (that require real money) are not required, although they are of course appreciated and will help grow our alliance! Here is the most important thing that I would like to communicate: If you are in our alliance at this point (and are doing the above requirements), you will never be removed from the alliance! I want our members to be able to rest assured that they are safe and that this alliance is theirs. I am pretty certain that we will remain in the top 50 alliances, and hopefully the top 20 in a soon! We will not fight to increase our rank by kicking out our members and trying to recruit new ones with higher ranks. We will only increase rank as our alliance levels up (maybe though additional cash donations), and as our current members increase in rank.

Thank you to all those that have joined our team and contributed!


About the elite boosts:

We are a full boosts Alliance, We love to make all elite boosts activate forever but, we have to look at our gold income then decide to activate them and if all players obey the rules, we will activate boosts as many as our gold income capacity let us.


PM me if interested, thanks