N-Design is OP

The N-Design is overpowered since the big nerf.

I am talking about this one:

It is very difficult to pass it with those lower morale troops. If you make it, time is often an issue.
Flare literally forces us to use the low morale units (Pyro, Pala, Froster, Archer) for the current “strong” Combos.

Another reason to bring back better Ogre and Wolf!

Hurry! Before it is N - N - N everywhere!

Not connecting, is it working for you? I mean reconnecting all the time.

Please post in bug section and name your device! ?


Not sure why this should help, but you are often better informed than me: I call my device Manfred.

And you are sure this information will help them fix the problem?

You just need to know the weakness of this design. Treat the first corner as how you would normally do at a “u turn”, i.e. super defensive. Maintain being defensive until after the second turn. After the first 2 turns, the rest of the design is easy.

Thanks Eyja, I needed a good laugh today! ?


I agree, MK, it’s very annoying to face bases like that, especially with lower morale troops making it impossible to get by. If you ARE having a lot of trouble with those bases, it’s probably best to use Aska, if you want to get a patch of troops transported to you. Either that or Fritz to help clear the way

Definitely the most challenging design nowadays, but beatable with ease when you use the right combo, and when your game doesn’t lag like crazy

That is true , you can only maintain a small troop that supported near the king which will die shortly after meet the beast and untouchable tower. 

Son of Telamon from Vanguard Legion is using this defence from a week or so. See, he is on rank 1 from 4 days. Isn’t this crazy. Even the top players can’t crack it. Really, it is the proof. He is on top.


It depends on so much more. I even fail on straight parts sometimes. 

I don’t think that “the one” defense exists. 

Hey! The Base of koonin/son of telamon always was one of the most forged and hardest bases in this game. VL has the most powerful boosts, beasts, … 

Maybe he gets some pushes too.

There is no proof.

This is only the favourite base design atm

Half of the Top 10 players use it now. It is already a lot. I hope it will not get more. 

Maybe I tried the wrong Combos but I find it very hard. Remembering the times where almost everybody had L-Shape design, I do not like to go back to that.

And no Idea how you do it, but I generally like to stick to one Combo and not change it for every Base design. Maybe use a different spell or take advantage of a good boost, yes. But completely changing for every raid, including gear is just asking too much for 2 1/2 minutes of gameplay…


Sometimes I win, sometimes I lose.

Different combos.

But I totally agree. It’s too exhausting for me, to think about the best combo, the best gear before each raid. It would be easier if there would be a combination between the preset slots and the used spells and troops.

But that’s another problem of this game ATM ?

A few slots for different base lay-outs would be great too. 

At this point defense doesn’t need any more buffs to where defenders can one-click counter offensive setups of specific players. Oh, they’re using that combo again? -click- Oh they want to try those troops? -click again-

At least right now it’s a pain in the ***** to reform your entire defense to counter someone’s offense. Just my opinion, if it’s unpopular I understand why. Convenience is nice, but would be better in a balanced game.

Many high level players are unable to get max on his base. Even top players of Todesritter and VL. I asked many players of VL about this.

I tried Son of Telamon base 3 times. First 2 times, failed without using insta. Third time, I summoned 3 insta monks at the beginning whenever available to add “defense” to my units to pass the 1st and 2nd corner which are focused by gargoyles. Managed to beat him finally.


Really, the key to N base is just to be as defensive as possible during the first two turns. If you don’t have enough forges to be defensive, well… insta monks can solve that.

So? He spent a lot of money, it’s totally fine that so many fail on his base. If not, money would’ve been completely wasted

Another thing. Just cause they’re in one of the top alliances, doesn’t mean that they are automatically good raiders