Name change

I wish I could change the name more often, because my brother changed to a name I did not like. The change could cost a certain amount of gems or even have a cost in cash. I would pay without thinking .

I do believe that flare could make an exception for you if you explained what to them here, in a support ticket:

Hopefully it works out for you

And to comment on your suggestion. Flare doesn’t want players changing their name so often, cause players could do that to get people off their back. Plus, it’d make the game way less fun if didn’t have your own made-up name

Many people have ask this and hope one day to see it. The first can be free but after can cost you 500 gems each time you change it like in the game Cloud Raiders. So choose your name wisely

To add to this. If you don’t like what he named himself you could definitely ask flare if they’ll help, they probably will, especially if other players might find it less-than-classy.

see below, you may be out of luck.
Buuks case to me is more clear cut and believable than your story, anyone can say their brother did it. I suppose anyone can say their name changed by accident too, but i doubt many would want to name their king a jumble of letters.

Flare could allow name changes every 3 or 6 months which would resolve some things and make game little more interesting. If they did that I would like to see a longer list of attackers and friends maybe double what is there. They might not want to deal with name changes due to the monetary dynamics of tracking the players in game. 

Or at least let us add a prefix that would be in a list of titles like Sir, Lord, King, Squire  etc.

If its for free. I have no trouble if its can be like account transfer. 1 time a year