Name Change

I do not understand why flare will not allow name changes for alliances anymore. This seems unfair as many alliances have already been granted this option. I would like to see an upgrade which would allow only the leader of each alliance to change the name . Not repeatedly, but at least once. Since the alliance wars update , many alliances have merged to form a larger coop. Some of us would like the option to be able to show rr2 allegiance shared between alliances.

Mike & all,


I imagine that Flare must have been Flooded with name change requests.

As a community we often beat up on them for not being responsive. It this case, perhaps they were too responsive.

I must confess I was surprised to hear they did these manually. It was just not scalable/sustainable.


Perhaps an in-game option to change either player or Alliance could be added. Other game offers such options.

To limit the number of name changes and to entice Flare to develop the option perhaps such change could be paid for in gems.

Say 1000 for a player name change. 10000 for an alliance name change.  i.e. high enough to sting but not out of reach.

Plus it provides an extra revenue stream for Flare to add this option. Think WIN-WIN.


As Mike mentioned there is a lot of movement in the alliances at the moment.





They should change their system so alliances and players are identified my a number ID that is assigned to them, this way, it is easier to allow player to change names.

Maybe 1000 gems for player name change and 10 000 gems for alliance name.

But then they seem like money-gougers (remember, 10,000 gems is $100 without discount, which looks like a rip-off to new alliances with only 3 members), and it could actually end up driving players away.

They should just allow a name change once every 3 months, and for them to still be searchable by their most recent previous name.

I agree, Flare should allow it and it should be for free.  Leaders change, the demographics of a team change.  Many alliances were created with country specific names and there is no good reason not to allow a name change.  It takes work to make a defunct or flailing alliance competitive.  Also, RR needs more competition.  If alliances have affiliated alliances, they should be allowed to change to represent their group.  If needed, they could limit name change request to larger alliances say level 30 or 35 or as stated within a time period or number of name change requests.

I like the following ideas: 1. add an in-game option for name changes, 2. give an (internal) ID that is independent of the name for less confusion, mix-up and potential problems, and basically (if visible - only for account owner) could also be feasibly as “proof of ownership” when filing a support ticket, 3. allow a free change (either once/first time, or all X months), 4. allow more frequent change for gems (though not nearly as much as 10k!!), to give them an option for generating income from those who want to change their name more often, without disadvantaging those who just want to do it once (free change option, see 3.). 

Honestly, I didn’t want this topic to fall off the table.  Since Flare has become much more active on forums, I was hoping to get an answer if at some point Flare has reconsidered allowing Alliance name changes or some of Heroesflorian’s suggestions regarding name changes. 


As odd as it may be a alliance name can affect the recruitment of players.  In addition, many secondary alliances are training grounds for a larger alliance.  They use them do develop players and set goals such as a minimum level alliance tower or trophy level.  This builds not only loyalty to the alliance but to Flare and RR community.  

Is it possible to have a player name changed now through support?


I chose a very generic name before and would like to change it.