I have a jumper his IGN IS : Fener Takeo I

Jumper IGN: TRKILL, left us without any word one hour before war starts.

nemnawen: leader of „The Swedish Crown“

Alex the great287. He says he’s the grandson of a general in a top alliance and because of that he joins your team just to ask for boosts and be general.

It was fun though :lol:

alien warrior joins alliance for boost and want’s to be a general and try’s to take you members to another team. 

Itj1339 jumps to alliance during war just to get boost and chest from war. And puts up that he want’s an alliance that fight in the war…

I don’t think there’s enough room in this block to list all the names of jumpers we have had.

am yes there is you should list some 

I hate the ones that switch alliance in war. I can deal with the ones that do it between seasons.

its either you name them here or move on 

Okay, We had a member named Mitco. He switched sides in the middle of war and started attacking us. He had been with us for a long time. He was a general and a friend.He told me the other alliance has more boosts and he has jumped 3 or 4 times more.

thank you for the name

The reply  had to do with the post about jumpers. I’m not spamming by posting what I said. Not every alliance fits every person. Some alliances demand 10 rounds. Some have no boost or only in war. If someone leaves and didn’t do anything to hurt the alliance that’s fine with me.

Let’s just move on, this is only one of many worthless “jumper” thread that soon will forgotten, even the poll is laughable  :lol:

I agree with you:)


give me a break 

JUMPER : S1m0n6

He jump from my alliance to 2 other and left them both.


Imma jumper! Imma jumper!

as a player with a maxed out tower that never fails to donate any time i can, as well as someone able to earn more skulls than I lose in nearly every war season ive been a part of, I have expectations in reguards to boosts. call me a jumper, disloyal or a boost whore but I do my job and if the Alliance im in doesnt have what i need at any givin time. im gone.

still love ya thou. its just a video game…

of corse in the frame you call ‘jumper’ i may not be…i dont think id have the heart to bail on my team in the middle of a season.

so mark me ‘all of the above’ on the serve lolz (since u didnt have that as an option)


tuyenvjpxp JUMPER


name the jumpers : well you have Christmas jumpers, turtlenecks, roll necks, hoodies, V-necks, cardigans, crew necks, cable knits, oversized, cropped jumpers, sleeveless, crowl necks,poncho’s… did I miss any ?


In the old days you could win 500 gems by giving answers on these kind of questions…