Nationality of the hero

hello, I have been playing for more than 4 years this game has taken a lot of steps forward, I was very happy when you added options for the search for the hero and alliance (average trophies and minimum donation) because I am a boss and a lot of recruits but I would also like to know in the info of a hero of what nationality is … I am Italian and I am in an Italian alliance, but there are many Italians with non-Italian names in foreign alliances but I can not know if I do not contact them to ask but I can not contact all the revolt players so it would be easier to add a flag to indicate your nationality (like that for the alliance) in the information card of the hero so as to let you know what language you speak, what do you think?

We have to see if we can free resources for this, but we know it is a wish from the community for a long time and we have added it to the wish-list.