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Welcome to our home page thread!


Because communication within the game is limited, I have decided to start a thread here to keep members of our alliance informed and to welcome new members to our alliance.  If you are not a member feel free to read anyways.  This is public information and if it persuades you to join our alliance, so much the better.  I am receiving A LOT of applications online which is great but its difficult to vet people currently so please PM me on this forum if you are interested in joining.  My username is jreid.


I’d like to introduce myself.  My name is JR Reid and I live in Washington DC (USA).  I’ve been playing Royal Revolt 2 for about 12 months and simply love it.  If you haven’t noticed, I play for WAY too many hours a day but it wasn’t that way during the summer.  I actually quit the game for a while simply because I got bored and didn’t get much satisfaction grinding away to upgrade a skull tower from level 1 to 2 with no bigger context to play within (there was the leaderboard I guess but that by itself wasn’t enough).  With the addition of monsters and the dungeon, I started to take an interest again (at least it was new stuff to conquer) but with the addition of alliances, this game has taken on a whole new dimension.  I’m truly excited to wake up in the morning to check on our progress.


I want to make one point very clear.  I want to be top 10.  I will take whatever action is necessary to make that happen.  I’m looking for Kings who are on board with that idea.  You might be thinking that since we’re 18 (at least last time I checked) it won’t be too long before we reach our goal.  We are in heavy competition with other alliances with the same idea as we do.  If you look at the quality of the Kings we’re up against in the top 10, we have our work cut out for us.  I expect us to fluctuate in the teens for a long time before any breakthrough into the top 10.  Once there, I expect to stay there because our alliance will be filled with players who want that goal to happen.


How are we going to get there from here?


Currently, I have a min donation of 50k/day which is a good start.  As I’ve been adding members, I’ve been taking a harder look at trophy count (which of course directly leads to our ranking).  At this point I’m probably not going to accept anyone below 3000 trophies (unless they can really impress me with their donation / extra donation capability).  As we continue, I’m going to start demanding a 75k/day minimum at some point in the near future.  Currently 2/3 of our membership is at 50k so I’m going to slow roll this idea out and only push when we’re down to a few stragglers.  


The second way we’re going to get to the top 10 is through matching of extra donations.  Whenever a member contributes an extra donation, I will step up and do that same thing.  This could get expensive but that is a risk I’m willing to take.  We are up to 10 members who have contributed extra (several more than once) and I have made extra donations whenever they did.  I have contributed over 18 million so far and I’m proud to support this alliance.


Last I’m going to monitor the progress of our membership.  I want to be supportive of everyone and I’m sympathetic that you might have a life outside of this game (let’s hope so) and can’t spend a fortune buying gems to upgrade stuff.  If you are struggling, letting me know sooner rather than later will help your cause.  If I’m online simply chat with me and give me a timeline for when you can come into compliance with the rest of the team.  I will do my best to be reasonable and will take your entire donation to the alliance into consideration before making any decision.   


Thank you for letting me be your leader.  You have a choice of which alliance to be a part of and  I’m grateful to be your leader.  Let’s kick some ass :slight_smile:



----- UPDATE Dec 14:  

I will be posting all updates within this post so as to not spam the entire community with information specific to the alliance. 


Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to congratulate all of us on a great victory!  We set out in the beginning to reach the top 10.  Today we are ranked #10 !  I couldn’t be more proud of all your hard work.  Our 29 member alliance has grown by leaps and bounds over the last couple of weeks.  We all receive a 33% Gold boost within every battle!  Congratulations!


This wouldn’t have happened without the extra donations of several members.  13 of us have gone the extra mile and showed a little faith that we were contributing to an alliance to be reckoned with.


For those of you who haven’t contributed extra, I still want to thank you.  Trust me, if you weren’t holding up your end, you wouldn’t be here.  Thank you for your efforts.  If you follow me, I will treat you fairly and to even greater riches in the future!


I have asked the entire membership to upgrade their alliance towers to donate 75k per day.  Many have already done this.  Thank you.  I am confident that by next weekend, we will all be there.  As of this writing, we only have about 10 members left that need to upgrade.


I have contributed 41 million gold so far into this alliance.  Because we have reached this milestone, I will be dropping this policy.  As much as I’m enjoying myself, I’ve spent a lot of money here and need time to recuperate.  I might match anyways but I no longer want it to be a guarantee.   


I have added a post in our recruitment thread to attract new members.  I will only accept the very best at this point.  I will also be asking them to “buy in” by making an extra donation as soon as they enter.  The min stats are 3000 trophies, 75k a day donation, and an extra donation as soon as the member joins.  We are up against the very best now we expect the best from ourselves and only the best most dedicated applicants need apply.


Thank you for letting me be your leader.  I have one more issue to bring up.  Who within the membership would like to be our leader?  I’m serious.  What we have built here is not my own but a collection of Kings who have chosen to be here and work together.  If you feel that you are ready and capable of taking on this job, I’d like to hear from you.  Please PM me within this forum.


----- UPDATE Dec 29:


We are now at Level 30 with an extra spot open.  The competition to remain in the top 10 is fierce.  I am placing a heavy emphasis on trophy count in my recruiting.  While we are #9 now there are several teams just below us which could easily push us out.  I’ve said this many times and I’ll say it again, I will not let this happen.


As I mentioned in the last post in this thread, it is expected that everyone will donate 100k a day by the end of January.  If this is a problem, you need to contact me through chat or PM.


Thank you for supporting NATO my fellow Kings!



Nice lecture, How many college credits is this course worth ?  :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope you were listening. The final exam is 35% of your grade :slight_smile:

I’d like to welcome our new member Gizmo81 to the alliance. Thanks for sending me a PM. It made a big difference in selecting you to join.

I’d also like to thank isophane for his 2 million gold donation. I matched it myself and allowed us to get Gizmo81 on our team. We are now at 30% gold boost!

Wow you are bringing out the competitor in me :slight_smile:

I’d like to report that everyone is in compliance with our 50k a day donation.

This alliance stuff is awesome isn’t it lunatic :slight_smile:

Status is attached to the first post

Please refer to Post #1

Please refer to Post #1

Please refer to post#1

Sorry for overdoing it.  I’ll modify existing posts to not spam everyone :slight_smile:

Have a good time.

It’s best forum.

Hello, I just join IGN is Momo D. My donation still cold down. Will donate 100k tomorow. Currently upgrading to alliance tower level 9. Eta 4 days.

Do we now know what the maximum number of players in an alliance can be and how many total trophies are needed to get this and the 50% boost?


At the moment the alliance ranks are driven by gold donations to get more players which increases total trophies but down the line as more and more alliances grow to full size the rank will be purely trophy based.


Just thinking down the line post the rush to level up…the top 10 alliances will be the alliances with highest total trophy count…if we know the maximum number of players per alliance you could work out how many players will be in the top 10 alliances, assuming they are all full size (which wont take long).


Looking at the leader board you could work out the trophy level per player that you would need. For example if its 50 players max per alliance… 9 alliances x 50 = 450. assuming that the top 9 only recruit top 450 players you can see what trophies players in the 450-500 rank have as a guide to see what might be required to get alliance rank 10 as a minimum in the long term…


Also once we know what boosts work well it would be good to review which would benefit the majority of the players in the alliance and timing to activate them (as players are based all over the world). I read that when you spend gold on the boosts it takes it away from the total pot which slows down the progress to level  up the alliance? When we are full size and assuming everyone donates 75k min per day we could work out how much gold per day that would give the alliance and the best way to spend it.

Max member is cap at 40 member for now. There might be a league starting soon for alliance. And league is measuring medal not trophy. That enable lower level alliance to compete as well… base on my guess.

“Also once we know what boosts work well it would be good to review which would benefit the majority of the players in the alliance and timing to activate them (as players are based all over the world). I read that when you spend gold on the boosts it takes it away from the total pot which slows down the progress to level  up the alliance? When we are full size and assuming everyone donates 75k min per day we could work out how much gold per day that would give the alliance and the best way to spend it.”


I completely agree.  And you are right that it takes alliance gold (not regular gold) to keeps boosts going.


So far the only boosts that I care about are cannon and ogre.  Here are our choices


  1.  Boost Cannon

  2.  Boost Ogre

  3.  Boost both

  4.  Boost none


A couple of members are disappointed that although cannon shoots faster, they do less damage.  I think they can still be worthwhile as long as several of us are using it at the same time.  That’s the key.  If we are going to spend 500k (approx) on boosting cannon or whatever we choose,  we need multiple players knowing about it so that its useful.


I’d like to know from the membership which of the four options interests you.  If we get a consensus, we can agree on a window to start the boost.



Hi Jrr and all team members !


I don’t have so much time now but this post was just to say hello to the team and to introduce myself briefly.


I’m from Paris, France and so, excuse my english which will be approximate in some case. Jrr, if you have any question, just ask. But the chat interface in the game is quite awful, so better here in PM if necessary.



Hi all,


I use cannons more than ogres. i never use ogres on offense,

so i would be in favor of cannon boost.


I find it unfortunate that it costs money to activate boosts…