Necessary of increasing the maximum hero lvl

I found that flare game increased the maximum hero lvl to 130, 3 yrs ago (in version 2.0.0)

Many people reached 130 and their EXP overflow over the EXP gauge bar.  

I think it is time to increase the maximum hero lvl for old game users to give motivations to enjoy this game again. 

What do u think guys? 

IMO whether 130 or above 130 is the same like mount Everest for new players. They would feel the same when they see increased the maximum hero lvl lol. 


Although I struggle to get to lvl 130 and a perspective of even more levels overwhelms me, IMO your’re right. Another 10 lvls (or even 20) should be added, but Flare should take into account the experience the 130 lvl players have earned.

Yes I agree.


You should make a poll though, otherwise it’s hard to keep track.

New levels of all of this ***** will be awesome reason to leave game?

In my opinion, 130 is fine, but my view is skewed because I’m only 102 and 130 is a long shot away. However, for the sake of the players at 130, I would like to see the XP level raised to 140. Anything more than that is a bit too much, but 10 more levels of hard work at least gives those players something to work towards

Reach level 130 its already a pain to reach same with 220% XP Gear non stop. So from a point of view of new player when they see there is 130 level who take over billions XP to reach. They quit. So if you up this at 140 or 150. Only veteran will left in this game. the number of lost of players will be a disaster. I hope never see level 140 or over. 

This could be possible, but at the same time they could see it is a game that is long lasting

the problem is new player hate game who take over year and year to reach max. OR new player quit after few days of try. in my game on ipad new player quit after 1 week or few weeks when they see its too long. Majority have a life and nobody really want a game who take 2 or 3 years to reach all max. However at same time its a mobile game and they are designed like this. if people want short game they should play triple A game on console. Mobile take long. so its 50/50

C’mon, you’ll be level 140 instantly ?

Even the veterans at lvl 130 already, how many of them actually want the lvl cap to go up?

I’m guessing the majority of them are glad they’re done with the XP.

Nervermind lol with the new food system. Same a level 200 will no more a problem.

In fact I spent money to maximize some spells and some waves in a shorter time.

If we look now the poll. Same veteran don’t want it and that was obvious. Same the one already at 130. No one will want to play another 5 month or 1 year just for 10 level more. at this level you need probably over 100,000 XP to level up or more. So that was obvious the poll will have been dominated by the Keep 130

Weren’t you the one that said that?


In theory if you do over 100 raids per day with 220% XP gear and if you have over 10 or 20k voucher stacked. Not a problem. But the majority here don’t do any raid anymore and just do Ninja,War and events. Nobody raid outside events. Just connect and chat. So yes its possible but not worth the effort for just 10 level more. if you are really active of course. Since 1 year player are less active. So I don’t think that will change anything.

PS : by the way that was sarcastic sorry. Just a joke but possible if you really give the effort

Not needed. When Hero levels are increased, Item levels have to be increased too.

I do not like starting the whole forging thing over again.

Plus, last time FG increased the items there were mistakes with the item values. It took FG years to understand and correct them.

Exactly don’t worth it. if that was the case for level 130. The same will happen for 140. Anyway no one will like restart forging and farming for replace all of their stuffs

PS : Specially the one who have invest 5 month or more to forge a items +400 or +500. No thanks