Necessary Settings (monotonous play)


There has been a general discontent among top players since no matter how many forges you have in your towers and obstacles, almost everyone can pass it.

The point at this point is that the game needs an urgent balance. Look at the top 10 ranking, we only have VL players. I believe this causes dissatisfaction among the players in the other alliances.

For this problem, I have some balancing tips that might help:

Question 1 - The inactive kicking aura ring ALL bomb towers / skull, did not think it was a good idea, mainly put it in the pro shop so that anyone could catch it.
Tip 1: I do not know how to deal with this, maybe a reduction of the kick field, or fix the kick field at 2.00 and enable the forks of the ring aura as a percentage of kick, starting for example 50% (in that if the hero shoots only a percentage of the bombs, like 50% of the bombs inside the aura).

Question 2 - No one else uses gargoyle towers, because gargoyles are useless, die for anything quickly and so be a war help, it should be attractive for players to want you. It should even be more effective than the tower of the skull because it is a war aid.
Tip 2: Increase the life and resistance of the gag to the flame storm so that the flames can not kill it in only 1 use.

Question 3 - We currently have several types of Defensive Ninja: fire, ice, stone, brute, poison. What do they all have in common? die easily for almost any spell, especially for storm of flames and rain of spades, even when these have resistance to these spells.
Tip 3: Define a higher effective resistance to ninjas to these types of spells.

Question 4 - Currently the game does not offer more (attractive) rewards for different players to look for the top 10 and this made it monotome, as they are always the same players that are there in the top 10.
Tip 4: You should add a bonus experience by ranking, just like the existing medal bonus by ranking, and I think it could be in the same percentage (example: + 50% XP for the ranking of 1 ~ 50). This would make the top 10 ranking much more competitive by adding other benefits than just medal bonuses.

Question 5 - Now that the player has won the diamond league and takes the long-awaited 5th star, the league becomes bland because the reward of 350 gems is small and that alone is not enough.
Tip 5: Create varied rankings within the game:
5.1 - Ranking of the winners of the diamond, platinum and gold league (separately to diversify the competition and separate the level of the players)
5.2 - Ranking of ATTACK of battles, that is, who won more battles attacking. In this case it would also be to create a ranking of losers (to be fun)
5.3 - DEFENSIVE Ranking: who most successfully defended attacks to their base.
5.4 - Other Rankings that allow for entertainment and inclusion.

I justify this last suggestion of creating multiple rankings is necessary as it creates new forms of competition within the game, which allows several players to excel at different points. It would only have to be defined the periodicity of these rankings, whether they would be daily, weekly or monthly and also what the reward.

Sorry for the bad english.


Actually, the Ninjas have a Weakness to Fire they made a post announcing it was a typographical error it should have said Weakness but it says Resistance.  And 2? years later they’re still too lazy to fix their typo! 

Seriously Flare?!?!?!

I’m going to keep calling you out on it until your embarrassment reaches critical mass.

@FTB, What do you think of the 5 suggestions?? (Only you can hear us.)

this is very necessary and they are not giving the necessary attention!!