Necromancer balance change?

If they are changing so many things so hard to make the game more “balanced” (swinging the balance from one side to the other is not really balancing, it is just unbalancing to the other side), why no one is even talking about changing Necromancer?

In my opinion Necromancer is by far the most op thing in this game, it can nearly or sometimes just instantly kill a FULL HP hero in 1 HIT, thats completely broken!
And all it takes is a single howl from wolf or howl beast and necro fully charges its spell in a blink of an eye.

If they are changing everything we use on offense to “Fix the fact that one-two set ups / strategies can be used to beat every defense.”  why not fix the fact that one single troop strategy is used to defense almost every single base in the game?


Lol, why? Cause they already nerfed the Necro BIG TIME not that long ago. It used to be WAY to OP. Nowadays, I think it’s fine. The balance they did with the Necro late last year was a really good move. The necro is still good now, and that’s fine, cause later troops should be better, along with later boosts

Of course Necromancer is OP now. They have Nerf HP for the non boosted version and after some time they have make OP the Elite Boost Witch Doctor with huge HP buff and all. I think some have complain about this.And again with server of August 2nd they have buffs again Necromancer. So now if you want a impossible base. Just have a Necromancer maxed, foged at +150 with max elite Boost Witch Doctor. I am sure rains of gems will arrive in your base during War season

I am sure same the non boosted version still OP in defense. Its not great but I like Necromancer and make Base really hard its ok I guess.

There’s a huge difference between nerfing and balancing, they might have nerfed it but they didn’t balance it at all.

When it’s basically the only defensive option for nearly all bases in the game that’s not fine or balanced, according to their own reasoning for the offense nerf.

I would like to fight Mummies and Ogres and all the other troops again, not just a bunch of necromancers every base all the time.

Well I think it depends on the combo you use.

When I am using Ogres It’s ok and not so difficult todeal with Necros as the stun stops them from filling their bar. But if I don’t use Ogres Necros become significantly more difficult and can certainly wreck my whole army. However it just might be me that can’t deal with them unless I use Ogres.

So balancing the Necro might be something Flare should/could consider, but I also think they should just let it be as it is, otherwise the shitstorm will be big again.

Agree, flare shouldn’t do any more balances for a while, once this whole thing is over

The big problem for me is when they receive wolf boost or specially howl beast boost, cause this one can’t even be avoided, it charges 2 or even more necromancer’s bars fully in like 3 seconds giving them the power to evaporate the hero’s HP in 1 hit.

Also important to point out, I’m not really asking for a defense nerf I’m asking for a defense balance. If one of the troops is overpowered and stronger than the others in every single way they should reduce some of its power and increase some to the other troops. Add some variation to the game. That’s how balancing works, and not nerf Necromancers completely and then also nerf all the other things players are using along with them, like it happened on the last offense “balancing” we had.

Agree for now its not clear if 4.0 with server update is a fail or a success. If we look the poll its a fail. Better for Flare not touch anything until see if the storm stop and all