Necromancer skin (Orko's gloves)

Hi all,

I want to report a bug about the Necromancer skin applied with Orko’s gloves power.

If I wear there gloves, and I attack a necromancer with “japanese” skin, the necromencer become a zombie with the original skin (red circles).

Just a bug (without importance on the game)…I know, but I just want to report it



YOU are the one, who took my gloves!? Been looking for them since Days now! Shame on you …


To answer your question, Madlen some time ago told us, that it brings a Soldier of your own stats in battle and does not copy the enemy-one - so, I guess,  the Zombie would only have the alternative skin if you also have it.


Its Horkos by the way ?

OMG ! How dare you say that !!!

It’s easy to say that I took them … While they were alone, abandoned in front of a portal … Reassure yourself, I take care very well, and they are disciplined!

If you want them, well, I invite you to come and get them :wink:


Thanks for the answer ^^