Need a active winning alliance?

INKED MASTER is always looking for new teams that loves to play Olympus rising as much as I do. Active team members are much appreciated, if you are just starting I wish you luck because this game is so good. Donations are required any amount counts. Slots are oimeted but love to see applicants only the best can be part of us rememebr look for INKED MASTER 


I am looking for an alliance that communicates, fights the wars and helps eachother out! 

Hi @oyunaWhat is your ascension level and hall of Alliance level?If it is around level 80 then I can help you join my team.

Also please mention your in game name too.


Hi Oyuna, 

We are an alliance currently ranked in Top 100 and we are looking for active team members to help grow and promote within the team. Interested in learning more about us? Come check us our alliance, TURKZ

Obione Kenobi

Can i join to your guild? currently new but active and want a winning team…And also I want to learn more about alliance.

IGN: Notehc16