Need a Good-Active and Caring Alliance


Hero Level - 83

Trophies - 1599 (Once were 2200)

Donation - 250k

100% Active player, online after a bit while

95% participation, don’t complete ninja event fully

I need a caring alliance who may understand problems, may help us.

100% active alliance, atleast 1 may stay online every time.

I need about total 5 boosts and a phoebe (if possible)

Thank You for Understanding!

Tiger Army 2017 would be happy to welcome you.

We have the following Elite boosts available on permanent basis 24/7

  • Power Archer

  • Storm Cannon

  • Frost Trap

  • Stunning Ogre

  • Range Bomber

and a mix of War, Conquest & Pro boosts 

We have level 1 Phoebe beast and are working hard towards level 2

Very active Alliance and have never failed to get full rewards in Conquest and win most war seasons


Please let me have your level and rank.

Sorry to say, I did join Heroes of the Realm. I will not reject you, but will keep your request. Maybe, it will help me later in finding a good alliance. Currently, I am happy and will stay here for sometime.

lol, this sounds like an interview now.

swipe left or right?