Need a Granny sale every 2 weeks or so !!

Arranging granny sale every 2 weeks is a good thing. We would like to spend our Gems on worth while things than to spend them scrolling down crap load of useless Hero items in Granny market.


Please consider this idea. It will be another source of spending Huge amount of gems. We will also have great fun buying good and hand picked Hero items by Flare Games!!


Other Kings can respond on this post.Please say your feelings on my idea.It can help us and Developers also.

I think it is a good idea as long as the free food works and the medal system is balanced (i.e. we can compete in leagues and win gems to spend), there are still mid\low level players who get 250-350 medals per raid


Why she’s giving other players a 49% to 50% discount,

while other players just getting 14% to 15%?


Can Granny be fair to all players? 

Granny is randomly selling items… and from time to time she gave epic discounts for rare items… either the yellow/purple items… however in my experience… most of the time she gave huge discounts whenever my gems are below 50 which sucks a lot… so if you are a new player dont farm the gems if you finish a quest until rare items showed up :slight_smile:

If you’re a low lever king meaning below 60 then i would suggest not purchasing any legendary items from granny even if they are discounted, because once you reach past level 60 king you will have to repurchase new items due to the fact of your king out growing the old items rendering your spent gems useless.


This is a great point for lower level players to take note of.  It’s tough not to shop Granny when there are gems to burn (she can chew them up fast), but the gold/legendary hero item you finally stumble upon and are so happy to buy today will be obsolete in just a few levels.  


Anonymous gives a good general guideline: don’t spend gems until >level 60.  I would add:


  • Wait on spending gems on leadership stat and elemental shield/resistance items for as long as possible - at least until Level 70, and higher if you can manage it.  You’ll get more leadership morale as you level anyway; and for every base that deals out a lot of fire or poison damage, there are many others that can be managed without squeezing hundreds of gems for just a few more points of fire/poison resistance. Trust me, it’s not worth it. 
  • Prioritize any gems you do spend on gold boost items.  These are the items you’ll want to get early and update any time you see a stat bump of 2% or more.  The major task in Royal Revolt 2 is to upgrade, upgrade upgrade; and the fuel that powers the upgrade engine is gold.  Leveling up and offensive strength are secondary for much of the game.  You need gold - as much as you’re workers can use - and a little bit of gold boost that is bumped up periodically will have a huge cumulative impact on how fast and how easy you find it to upgrade.  Ultimately you won’t use gold boost items, preferring instead to buff your leadership and (currently) fire resistance stats as much as possible. But until that time comes (you’ll know when everything your base is maxed and/or you’re in the Top 100 or so spots on the leaderboard), focus primarily on gold boost hero items.  If the bump is big enough, the added gold is worth the gem cost. 
  • Save your pearls.   Spend ZERO of them until >level 70 - probably higher.  If you’re lucky enough to have many pearls, you know they’re expensive to accumulate if you do it by spending gems, or very rare if you do it by getting them in the Chamber of Fortune.  You will want a large sum of pearls to buy the best legendary equipment you can find once leveling really slows down (around level 80).  The higher you level, the more XP it takes to advance further.  Generally that’s a drag; but one bit of good news is that the items you have will be useful for much longer.  Spend your hard-won pearls then to help you win raids for as much gold and XP as possible – and not a moment sooner.  

Managing your gems/pearls means delaying “immediate gratification”: waiting and working for something great later when you can have something good now.  It’s very tough and takes a lot of discipline.  Have fun; but if you plan to stick around playing and leveling for awhile, remember the good item now will be trash in a few levels.  Buying it will mean you have far fewer gems and pearls once the great items roll around - the ones you’ll be using for quite awhile and can make a big difference to how strong you become. 

Thank you sn1kt and anonymous for these suggestions .

Wow man !! I was doing it all wrong until now .

I have wasted a lot of gems and pearls on items That are getting weak, and I can actually see that now . These items really don’t do much for me now except the gold boost items . They are the only one that are still going good while leveling up.

Lucifer , whats your king’s level ?



Someone said that its region based , hmm anyone has an explanation ?

Region may have some bearing on it: I know the gem sale discount percentages often vary by currency (e.g. USD v. EUR).

But in general: the Granny Sale discount is determined primarily (probably solely, but only Flare knows for sure) by Hero level - just like gem sales.

Above a certain level threshold (which admin may not care to divulge) Granny’s item sale discount drops from 50% to approx. 14%. Similarly on gems: over a certain level (may be the exact same) the 20k gem pack sale discount drops from 50% to 33%, for a difference of $20 USD.

I’m guessing the same too but some of my higher level friends (around 70-75) got 49% off while I’m on 15% being a level 69 king.

I am on level 51 now .

Granny sales IMO are a great feature that help players gear up some. Spinning the granny wheel isn’t one of my fond memories lol wasted tons of gems just searching for items to buy.

All for more granny sales!

I dropped from 50% to 14% discount in Granny Sales around Level 56 or 57. Not such a bargain anymore. And she never has what I want anyway. How rare are gold gauntlets anyway?

they should make a new male like granny…but this new master offers item shop is talk about pets for heroes


She ought to be barred from selling Ice damage and i stuff, its all she ever offers me, both of which are pretty worthless. Pretty sure she keeps the good stuff under the counter for MasterE. Still I guess it saves me wasting gems :slight_smile:


granny sales and gems and pearls. just too much to deal with. it makes me so frustrated but as I get impatient sometimes it probably a good thing to keep all my upgrades equal. it would do no good if I had a super powerful king and could gain money if my defence was to poor to protect it

and im more interested in the fight I can have now. im not to worried about gaining rank. that will come with time I focus on the next attack!! the awards and rewards come in time and its a nice surprise when I get them. I just hate when I run out of food to attack


“Gold gauntlet” as in “legendary”; or “gold gauntlet” in “gold boost”?  


If “legendary”: they are no less common than other legendary items, in my experience; though finding a very good legendary blunt or ice glove is difficult.  


If it’s “gold boost”: I don’t recall every seeing a gold boost gauntlet/glove. Fairly sure they do not exist.  

Thanks Sn1kt. Was referring to legendary, all I need to complete my colour coordinated wardrobe. Gold boost would be a nice bonus!