Need a little more firepower on offense with war boosts

This season’s two war boosts (cannon and firebolt) can both be used effectively on defense. Only cannon, of course, can be used on offense.


At the top of the leaderboard, I have yet to be raided with cannons, apparently because they are very slow.


So now defense gets stronger while offense essentially remains the same towards the top of the leaderboard.


My request is this:

  1. With future war boosts, ensure that offensive boosts help all players. Having defense get stronger on top of their existing excessive strength is a little mean. :slightly_frowning_face:
  2. The defensive boosts shouldn’t equalize alliances. Those alliances that have worked hard to win war boosts shouldn’t all of a sudden find that their war-won boosts don’t dominate defense because of new defensive war boosts. Defensive war boosts should only mildly help alliances. The towers that are guilty of this behavior include stargazer** skull** (that release gargs) war boosts.
  3. One offense-only war boost would be very helpful every war.

Last time we had Ogre who never opened a portal on defense. I’m happy these can both be used for defense tbh


That’s fine. We just need one that works STRONGLY on offense EVERY war.

This is usually the case, next season will probably be revenant tower, which will rip through tribal archer (or any offensive boost that’s been used so far).  Flare don’t seem to test the boosts that thoroughly.

stargazer and sniper cannon are a really bad combination.

offensive season boost must help against the defensive boost, and cannon doesn’t help much cause they’re too slow and destroy the stargazers only when my troops are already in range to be damaged.

would rather have insta-goyle or turbo paladin to fight stargazers, instead of sniper cannon

And I must say I hate these war boosts and how they change the game to make it harder in the most important time. It’s like we need to relearn how to raid before every war season.

I just hated the putrid prowler!

I think it adds variety which is always good. Base designs get adjusted to suit the boosts etc.

Sorry but I dont have this raid problem, sometimes I still can fail but mostly at gate which is not bad.Maybe try different combo ?

Because the real problem is only stargazer.Cannon do shit on both defence and offence lol

It give some variety and freshness to the game though which is nice.But I still am banging for FG to release new good content like alliance mission!!

Of course we gonna have better defense boosts than offense!

So that we will have to use scroll and spend gems! $$$$$$

I like the sound of alliance mission! Let’s get those in the plate!!

Thank god we get the Accursed Tower back next season. That only gave Flare the probably most beneficiary war so far, because it was almost impossible to finish a maxed heavy garg tower + boosted skull tower base without using at least one TW at top L. I honestly can’t believe most people voted for this boost, but I guess we have to trust Flare in this one.

Who the heck on earth vote for turbo paladin,lol

I cant trust that people would choose this boost out of any available. We cant get proof who voted for what with certainty but Turbo Paladins wouldn’t have been voted for my hardly anyone. I rarely see paladins in defences above level 75 so one can only assume new players fancied it? Or Flare wanted higher levels to have fun with skull tower and lower levels to have fun with paladins to even it out

I voted accursed tower sorry but I want gems

I voted skull tower too!

Fck this, stop copying me!

Lolzzzz! Why?