Need a nice Alliance!

I’m liv 57, around 2100+ trophies at the moment. My alliance tower is liv 4 (growing to liv 5), i want a good alliance to join! Actually i’m in an alliance that only have 8% gold boost, i want some more! I’m an active player make daily donations for sure!


Pm me if you need an active ally! :slight_smile:

I have an alliance we are only level 4 (jzmonsters), but I am active also about to have level 5 alliance tower. 11% bonus only at 6 of 9 members

u can join me! level 10 alliance

I have like 5 open slots right now so you could even bring your current alliance members. be like a merger :stuck_out_tongue:



So… Ninjas were faster? Sneaky, those guys! :wink: