need advice

hi I have been playing this game for a while having no problems until now am stuck between 2800 and 3000 trophies I have gone up and down and am currently at 2900 trophies and the problem is having trouble getting medals n loot only receiving 29 medals or small amount of loot which has ended up me droping leagues and struggling to upgrade I have seen other post saying just take on the base with the trophies you was on which was 3000 but when I do I ain’t strong enough I always run out of time please if anyone has any advice would be much appreciated

just to add I gain an extra 300 trophies in war season which made me hit 3000 trophies in the first place I am trying to make troops n spells stronger for raiding but takes sometime if anyone bein thru what am going thru please advise thanks ?

I have been through this and still in it. I am getting 32 medals now, as your level increase your medals count will also increase. The main reason you are getting just 29 medals is that your trophy range is too range for your level and the fact that you can’t get victory against higher players is that your troops and spells are not well upgraded. Medals are based on the difficulty of opponents base (maybe they also take the trophy of opponent into account). Boosted bases gives you more medals than unboosted ones. The best thing to win leagues is to favourite players who gives you more medals as well as are easy to beat. I use to do the same, being 29 means you will get relegated to bottom leagues which are quite easy to beat. I usually win bronze, silver and gold 3 days in a row that’s a total of 145 gems in 3 days XD just level up your king slowly and concentrate on upgrading your offence more. I am doing the same, with all the xp boost and last 300% xp bonus my king is level 88 now but my base and offence are considerably weaker.

kk i understand will just take some time then and will take your advice n add some favourite bases to help i was considering opening my base drop some trophies which would give me time to upgrade and would still get opponents that have loot n i can defeat easily i no that wnt help the medal situation but would give me sometime to upgrade troops n spells is this good or bad idea

if i did i would feel like am breaking the rules of the game but so many other people have done this n u can defo tell when u take on 5 different bases 3 are same level as you then you get two that are massively ahead of you it might be spending gems but i do think is because they drop trophies on purpose as well

It’s just the medal algorithm from Flare: they think it’s good to give mid level kings almost no medals. I was in the same situation, starting around level 70. After 3 months at level 87 i saw beatable bases again with 100-300 medals. Until then even 10 level bases above me, boosted up to under the roof, and a suicidal attack would have given me only ~30 medals. Others told me and i can confirm this: when you are strong enough to reach 3500 - 3700 trophies, you will start winning leagues again :slight_smile:

Yeah… When at level 79, I was a about 2900 trophies and used to get very less medals after the update . So i started attacking 4k trophies plus bases…!!! They offer about 400-500 medals… and even if you complete half of their base u’ll get a decent amount of medals. Go to the alliance leader-boards and search for alliances without boost . Attack the higher level players from them. :slight_smile: