Need Advice!

Ok, so I am by no means a high level player, working around 2500 trophy range (fluctuates) at level 63. I seem to have days that I just own everyone other king I come across and other times I cant seem to beat a level 10 king.


This is my general set up:



  1. Knights - usually have them boosted and zerg

  2. Cannons - obvious tower damage

  3. Mortars - cause most defenses I see have mostly paladins and arblasters in their waves


I exchange the mortars based on what I see in enemy waves, but like I said above seems most used defense units are weak to poison



  1. Firestorm - help kill firebolt towers and decent troop killer

  2. Swordrain - kills about anything but paladins in one hit

  3. Shield - just like it more than heal


I do exchange spells depending on the towers and waves I see sometimes, but the above is what I use the most.



Now my strategy that I have that seems to work best (for me so far) is that I let my knights and cannons take care of towers while I take out the waves. This is hit and miss sometimes as the cooldown on spells is over my spells, but I messed around with hammerstrike and it just didn’t seem to have the desired affect. I have tried several different strategies and this has been the best for me so far, but I want to try new things and see where it can take me.



lol so ignore my typos. I meant that my spell cooldowns are slower than the wave of defense units in the last paragraph…there are other typos lol but there is a reason I am not an English teacher

I’d say arblster mummy and cannon, and spells I’d recommend are shield bladestorm and sonic blast(if u don’t have the last 2 then use ur highest leveled spells(excluding toxic cloud and stun since those aren’t good at all at ur level)) but I can help a lot more if you say all of ur troop and spell levels

I totally agree with Silver. :slight_smile:

Exactly **1** ;D

on my 2nd account I’m doing very well with heal swordrain and sonic blast.With boosted knights , you really have no reason to take bladestorm with you.I also use boosted archer and normal cannon (boosted during war).


What I think is important in lower level raid is the ability to save your spell when it matters.Say for swordrain , save them for when you can hit 2/3 waves at once ,same with sonic blast , save them to hit 2-3 towers.I’m around 3.3k trophy range too.


I really don’t recommend mortar , they fire at very slow rate.Would take froster instead (cheaper to spawn too)

Here are my troop and spell lvls


Knights - 9

























Currently 5 days (roughly) left for my maxed throne room before I can upgrade and unlock Sonic Blast.

I’d say arb, mummy, and cannon

Heal,hammer strike, and blade storm(u can use sr when its lvl 8, and use SB when u have it since its a must

iv been reading a lot of toxic cloud no good at high levels and as Im lvl  64, 2400 ish cups I wouldn’t know .


but my toxic is lvl 9 at the mo and works fine on paladins and to use just 1 spell while wailin away with me sword works faster than swordrain and firestorm lvl 8,


about the same as hammer lvl 13 . So its served me fine so far while being a cheaper choice  


so until I find otherwise ill take it as far as I can . Plus I enjoy mixing spells units and clothing to fit the occasion it adds diversity to ,attacking style.


To the higher levels who may know im wasting money and time pursueing this avenue im just indulging the whims of my inner child so let a man  


enjoy the journey

Some thoughts:

  • Hammerstrike gains a lot of damage with the last few upgrades (max lvl 18), so at near-max it can really be effective… currently I have it at lvl 17 (levelled it up a lot during recent weeks) and I have to say it is surprisingly useful. I didn’t use it for the last year or so, before the recent lvl ups, but now it has potential even against fairly high lvl bases, so levelling it up (if you like the spell’s general behaviour) is not a waste of gold. 

  • Blizzard becomes very powerful as you level it up… gargoyle tower, skull towers and many troop types are weak to ice, so a high lvl blizzard can be very useful against certain troops and towers. Also, the higher your blizzard level, the higher skull towers you can one-shot-kill with it (may not be important in the lower/mid lvl gameplay yet). Also, it has relatively short cooldown, and it slows down all hostile units like a froster. Definitely a good investment later, but no need for starting the upgrades now, better focus on maxing out some of your spells first. 

  • Shield vs heal: Shield (max lvl 11) gets a lot more powerful than heal (max lvl 12), and a lvl-9-shield is already more useful than lvl-12-heal, IMHO, so if you already now prefer the shield, then make sure to focus on it. That spell is very useful even on high lvl gameplay, so no wasted money, and it works well with “knight spam” / bigger groups of troops. 

  • Bladestorm used to be very useful in the past, but it sucks when you get in contact with boosted barricades, and I remember in the past I used it mainly against blockades (back then, before barricade boost came) and against troops. So if you have other useful spells against troops, no real need to give priority to bladestorm upgrades at this point. I have to mention though, that with its long duration and short cooldown, you can have this spell active almost have of the whole raiding time on max lvl, which can be handy. 

  • Sonic blast is definitely a useful spell, once you unlock it, level it up a bit, it is useful for most purposes - be it annihilating a wave of troops, taking out a whole cluster of hostile towers, destroying a large portion of the gate’s health, sonic blast is generally quite effective. 

  • Toxic cloud is effective against paladin and arblaster, and I remember I used it in lower mid level back then, but when you come to a point where paladins play less of a role in defense, and path overlap makes reaching arblasters with the toxic cloud difficult/impossible, it loses a lot of usefulness, as many other units are either resistant or at least not weak against poison, and most (all?) towers, obstacles, gate are 90% resistant to poison, so it won’t deal damage there either… 

  • Firestorm and swordrain can be quite effective at your level, and both are usable in higher levels (though, only very few top players still use them sometimes). 


  • Make sure to max out those troop types you commonly use. Knights and archers are relatively cheap and quick to upgrade, and a lvl 12 knight is like 70% stronger than a lvl 9 knight, so it really makes a difference. 

  • Frosters are very useful on defense, 1 froster per wave is a rule I have sticked to for most of my RR2 life, and they can be useful on offense also, slowing down hostile troops and dealing area damage at a low cost of only 3 morale. As they are the only unboosted troop type still found in top bases, you can directly see they have a lot of potential! :grinning:

  • Mortars can be nice, but they never really felt that powerful to me on offense, not even on max lvl. They have weakness to fire and ice, shorter range than cannon, froster, arblaster and most towers, they don’t damage structures, and their fire rate is relatively slow. Most of the time I thought about bringing mortars, I said to my “well, then why not bring frosters instead?”, those are a lot cheaper to summon, move faster, target towers and blockades, hover over traps unharmed, have longer range, faster fire rate than mortar and they slow down any hostile unit, making it a generally effective unit. Thus, my advice is, as long as they work on paladin-arblaster-defenses, feel free to use mortars, but don’t try to stick to mortars and don’t put upgrade priorities on them, but rather switch to froster or other troop types. 


  • Last but not least, a proper timing and use of your spells is most essential. Taking a look at a base’s preview and spend a couple of seconds to look for tower clusters and other “best target” and “watch out for” spots can help with that, if you keep those in mind and during the raid make sure to have a suitable spell ready when reaching those locations. Also, depending on your attack target’s wave composition, saving certain spells for taking out waves instead of towers can be very helpful, leaving the structures to your cannons/knights.