Need Advice!

Hello I just recently modified my base and need advice on what I might change to make it better.

Screenshots aren’t currently working so you’ll have to see it in-game my username is RandomGoose Send me a friend invite so you don’t waist any food, Or trophies. 

Just looking at your base I think there is a flaw in that you have no towers up by your gate. Some people might disagree with me though.

What would towers by my gate do?

And what sort of tower?

Towers by your gate can prevent a three star victory as your gate may fall before the tower. Distance troops often overlook a tower planted at the very top next to your gate (unless a king uses scream and forces them up). This makes a king put himself in a vulnerable position because he has to rush ahead to knock those out for a three star victory. They also kill kings when they are often alone and vulnerable ahead of the army.

Any tower but if you can afford it use your best tower. Snake can be quite nasty up there or firebolt snake combo

A good strategy is to use barricades etc. to slow the army earlier and a bunch of towers by your gate to kill off the king

I tried that but I have some ruins in the wrong place and only 60 gems which I don’t want to waste on destroying them.

So I thought I would try attacking at the start while the king has not so many troops.

See you attacked my open base. Let everyone know there are trophies going from my base. Random you took 29(?) in 2 raids. That’s off topic, I didn’t look at your base

Oh yes your the fresh one!

I have changed my base quite a bit lately so you should check it out see if there are any problems.

If you base is still open i’ll take some more

Some will disagree with me too, but i personally think that towers at the gate are pointless.

Does it matter whether the player who beats you gets 98% or 100%? Don’t think so. You lose anyway. And he gets almost all the trophies and the loot. Plus the chests.

If you want trophies I can drop them on your base without you attacking. I can just get 0%. Waves take too long for me to open it and close it again. Want any trophies ed?

It matters in the war season

Right, it does. But only a couple of skulls.

As an overall strategy, better to use these towers elsewhere. Then there is a slightly better chance to make the opponent lose.

Located next to the gate, these towers effectiveness is very low.


It’s like being active or passive in a battle. Passive is not a bad strategy, but only in numerous cases. Active will usually win.

I’d say there are some layouts where a tower placed near the gate can effectively fire way ahead (especially long range bombers), and then it may be “active” during half of the raid, damaging you while still out of reach for your forces… or maybe as a trap (snake tower, some try to rush towards it with king+spell and die to poison), or in some cases/layouts even a skull tower that may crush your army if you ignore it and go for gate.

So, it can make sense even outside war season, imho, to have (a) tower(s) near the gate.

But of course it is not the best idea to put half a dozen towers around the gate, as a simple sonic blast spell then can hit multiple towers and gate together.