Need an active and dedicated Alliance

As of September 26, 2016 :

I am  Level 47, 2507 Trophies, Donate 50K a day.

Currently the highest donator in our inactive clan(sadly)…

Reason for finding different alliance: _ Our general was not active for several days and even our members… _

I need an alliance where I can pledge my loyalty. I play everyday so with donations. ?

My present alliance details:

Rank: 1933

Gold Bonus: 16%

Members: 12/12

Alliance Level: 7

Looking for much better than these… Thanks! :slight_smile:



Please POST your alliance details here! Thanks!

hi mate my offer isnt impress you but i will give a shot. On earlier i play this game everyday but on that time there wasnt any forums on and recruiting is nearly impossible so i delete it but im back. Im trying to find active folks like you if you interested join chosen elites lvl 6 alliance and currently im alone pls reply