need an alliance

Ign : Suhwol

Level : 60

Donation : 150k daily

Trophy : 1244

play hours : everyday at least 8 hours


*prefer english speaking alliance*



*If my trophy is lower than your clan requirements I can boost it up fast*

*started to play this game for 10 days spent $150 and  will spend more*

*looking for an permanent clan*


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hulk    709

Damn, dude, you’re a machine.

It may not be quite up your alley but you can try M.M.A-k1 (the Italian one. Look up Silver Nekomancer if you can’t find it). The official language is Italian (obviously) but there’s a number of english speakers and we could use some active players. :slight_smile:

LOL, if think that’s a machine, you should’ve seen me when I first started playing. I was playing 10 hours at least lol. I was so obsessed

Of course, that was before I had a forum account. I couldn’t go and complain about my problems in the game on the forums, I had to stay online and complain in the alliance chat  :wink: