Need better in-game chat system for conquest

We all know that conquest mode is very complex.    Unlike a simple war, where generals and leaders alone can attack another alliance, it is easy to keep prodding folks to fight in game


But in conquest mode,. So much of coordination is needed.   Some ppl shy away from FB, WhatsApp groups due to privacy concerns.


The in game chat is very poor.    There is no chat saved and easy to loose information.   Coordinating the game in game is just impossible and we have to resort to outside chat groups which is a bit sad.


Any plans to improve this in game?

Agree 100% the in game chat is worst part of the game!

Yup. And we have WhatsApp group.  But just 20 percent on it.   Due to privacy issues.   Till now I never complained.   But when they make the game so heavy on coordination and any one one person can wander around attacking who ever they want like a headless chicken ?.  We are in for a big mess.

Generals and leaders will get a royal headache.  ??

Totally agree! Right now there should be constant communication and rules for the Conquest placed in the chat by Generals and the Leader. Right now we have what, 25-30 posts of chat that can be used? That’s ridiculous! The chat should be AT LEAST 100 posts long! Every alliance needs a ton of communication, and if there’s players that aren’t online, either cause they’re in a different timezone or just working, they may miss important information that was posted because flare has only given us a slim amount of the chat that really should be available! 

At Alpha Guard, we Generals (and the Leader) had to have our own Line chat to coordinate what had been going on in the alliance and what we should do in wars. We shouldn’t have to resort to third party apps to communicate with our alliance!

no but its better anyway. in WWE Champions we use facebook with messenger. My messenger is open 24/7. We can chat and its very easy to exchance conversation. Some person use also Line App. I find 3rd party program better in all case

Even having to close out RR2 and enter a completely different app while your playing? Third party apps for communication is better than nothing, certainly, but it’s a major inconvenience

all depend if you do like me. Play on my ipad and talk on my PC. I can lets my messenger open and follow conversation during a play. Of course if someone use it on phone and play on phone. its useless

Ah, that actually would be a bit more convenient. You could talk and play at the same time, which is still the way the game itself should be. We shouldn’t still be relying on third party apps for communication at this point in the game

We also use a 3rd party chat. However, only about 50% of team has joined. So that means other 50% have no idea what’s going on. Ugghhhhh

its a long long time we ask Flare to have a better chat. tag person.private window,etc…

its the only inconvenience. Many don’t like to use 3rd party chat. my faction in WWE. 30 person don’t have join the chat and same if we told them join us on messenger. No. I really hope one day RR2 chat will be better for easy communication

I think we really need better chat option, last thing we want is moving away from the game. I hope it’s an interactive map, so that we also see what opponents did, without needing to refresh before making a move.

Coordination needs to be done from within the game, so a better communication system is required.

Yeah, I also wonder how they expert us to communicate, coordinate different groups, direct different guys to different places,… with only the oneline banner, and the alliancechat at our disposal ?

ah when, we’ll just have to adapt cause it’s the same for everyone

Agreed 100%. The fact that pretty much all serious alliances use 3rd party chats or forums to communicate and coordinate the game - even without the complex conquest game mode - is a clear indicator that the in-game chat is a piece of crap. It’s one of the weakest spots of the game and one that should be pretty easy to improve. Give it a try, Flare, pretty please.

This is what’s sad about the in-game chat. It’s made to be the source of communication between alliance members yet, whenever you go there, there is very rarely talk of war or anything. Why? Because all the information is found on a third party app! Now all you see in the in-game chat is just friendly talk. Not that that’s bad, but my point is, because people want to use the chat for just normal chatting as well as war info, there needs to be more than just a few recorded messages at a time. I see this happen all the time, where a general or the leader will post what should be done for the war, but it’s just wiped out by some other member that starts talking to another member. VERY IMPORTANT to add more lines to the chat!!

And when u sleep and wake up,. All previous info is lost if many folks are chatty.   Total mess.


Conquest is going to be so hard to manage when every individual guy can do anything they want.   

If you play with a third party app to communicate, you should put “Please join ____ to come and communicate with us for the Conquest!”

there needs to be an in-game bulletin board instead of the little chat screen

that way you can pin important messages if need be.


It takes 30 minutes to translate English, Portuguese, Turkish and German and give instructions. 45 minutes to translate and reply as the answer comes back. :slightly_frowning_face:

I want you to be able to copy & paste chat into flare. It can be shortened by 30 minutes. :slight_smile: